Is it true that appendicitis causes women to be difficult to get pregnant?

Is it true that appendicitis causes women to be difficult to get pregnant?

Is it true that appendicitis causes women to be difficult to get pregnant?


Fear of surgery is sometimes the main reason many people refuse to undergo appendicitis even though the appendicitis is very severe. These fears can be caused by various factors, ranging from fear of having never had surgery, fear of syringes to being anesthetized, to fear of experiencing postoperative complications. Especially for women, many are afraid to have appendicitis because it is rumored that it will be difficult to have children if they have already performed the operation. Then, is that really true? Find the answer in this article.

Is there a risk of complications from the appendix surgery procedure?

Appendicitis is inflammation or swelling of the appendix or appendix. Whereas the appendix is ​​a small and thin pocket-shaped organ measuring 5 to 10 cm connected to the large intestine. Appendicitis is a common disease that can affect anyone. However, young people aged 10 to 30 years are the group of people who experience this condition most often.

Removal of the appendix does not affect health conditions. But appendicitis or potential appendicitis can cause serious complications. Is it difficult to get pregnant is one of them?

Can you still get pregnant after appendicitis?

Many say that appendicitis can make it difficult for women to get pregnant. This operation is said to clog the fallopian tubes making it difficult for the egg to enter the uterus. This may indeed occur if the inflammation of the intestine is very acute, which makes the intestine rupture or perforation (perforated appendicitis).

However, not all women operating surgery for appendicitis will experience this. If complications occur even the handling is quite easy, just need to do a small operation to separate the attached intestine. However, this is very rare, many health experts argue that there is no direct relationship between appendicitis which causes intestinal adhesions with the oviduct.

Appendicitis does not cause women to become infertile

According to a study conducted by surgeon Sami Shimi from the University of Dundee, women who have appendicitis tend to be easier to conceive than those who don't. This research has managed to break the myth that appendicitis is causing infertility.

This study involved 54,675 female patients who underwent appendectomy. Research observations were carried out from 1987 to 2012. Of the 54,675 female patients who underwent appendicitis lift surgery, 29,732 or equivalent to 54.4% of these female patients managed to get pregnant without any constraints.

This research proves that you don't need to be afraid to get appendicitis due to the risk of future fertility. This operation will not downplay your chances of getting pregnant.

Appendicitis surgery increases the chances of getting pregnant

There is no research evidence that proves that surgical removal of the appendix can cause a woman to become infertile. Even if the fallopian tube is blocked or blocked by scar tissue, simple laparoscopic surgery can restore the function of the fallopian tubes as before.

The researchers also observed women who underwent appendicitis during pregnancy. As a result, there is no long-term effect on their fertility. This also does not affect their subsequent pregnancy.

Therefore, you no longer need to be afraid of the possibility of your pregnancy decreasing if you are required to have appendicitis. Doing appendectomy is better done as early as possible rather than having to postpone it and increase the risk of complications from rupture of the appendix.

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