Is it safe if you ride a motorcycle while pregnant?

Is it safe if you ride a motorcycle while pregnant?

Is it safe if you ride a motorcycle while pregnant?


Today, motorbikes are not only driven by men, women also use a lot of motorbikes. But what if a pregnant woman rides or is hitched by a motorized vehicle? Can you ride a motorcycle while pregnant? Many pros and cons remember many things that should be avoided by pregnant women related to fetal protection. Let's look at some of the risks to watch out for when riding a motorcycle while pregnant.

What risks do you face when riding a motorcycle during pregnancy?

1. Lack of security

When riding a motorbike during pregnancy, security of motorized vehicles is indeed very minimal. To drive with a motorbike, the existing security device is specifically for the head part, the helmet. Riding a motorbike during pregnancy is not equipped with security for the body, so it will be dangerous for the mother and fetus. Regardless of the mother who drives or is only on a ride, both have the same risk.

Another thing to consider is that riding a motorbike during pregnancy in fact there are no seat belts or air bags that help reduce the impact if there is an accident or fall from the motorbike.

2. Unbalanced

When riding a motorbike, it takes a great balance from the driver. No exception for pregnant women. If a pregnant woman rides a motorcycle or on a bicycle, the risk of falling due to instability is likely to occur. As is known, during pregnancy a woman's balance will be slightly reduced given the added burden on the body. This condition is commonly feared when pregnant women walk, especially if riding a motorbike while pregnant.

3. Motor shock

When riding a motorcycle during pregnancy, the shock that occurs during a trip is indeed a frightening specter for pregnant women. Heavy shocks due to damaged roads or poor traffic means will have a major effect on the condition of the uterus. It can even cause miscarriages, especially at the age of the first trimester of pregnancy. Severe shocks when braking can also be a factor in miscarriage in pregnant women.

Tips for safe riding during pregnancy

  1. Pay attention to driving speed during pregnancy. If you are driving it is good to do with a low driving speed is relatively slow, considering the above hazards can be anticipated by careful driving
  2. Pay attention to sitting position during pregnancy . The comfort and safety of riding a very pregnant motorbike have an effect on driving safety results. It's good to ride a motorbike while pregnant, not sitting sideways if you ride it, because the balance between the driver and the pregnant woman will be reduced.
  3. Avoid holes in the road . If if the road taken is damaged and full of holes, it should be avoided by pregnant women on a motorbike, because it is feared that it will cause severe shocks to your stomach during pregnancy. Choose a smooth road to be safer.

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