Is It Really Bigger Men With Sexual Lust?

Is It Really Bigger Men With Sexual Lust?

Is It Really Bigger Men With Sexual Lust?


The myth often illustrates that bald men seem more masculine and have more sex. However, is it true that myth is true?

Relationship of bald head with sexual desire?

If you see a bald-headed man sexy and tempting, you should know some things that cause your head to be bald.

First, a study at Yale conducted by James Hamilton in the 60s, studied 21 neutered boys. They are castrated because they are diagnosed with behavioral or mental problems. Also note, that castration will make male testosterone levels decline.

For 18 years, Hamilton has continued to follow some of the children's developments. The results were obtained, that those who were castrated showed no signs of baldness when they were elderly. On the other hand, a man of the same age who still has a full penis, and testosterone production in his body still exists, has experienced a decrease in the number of strands of hair aka going to baldness.

Is it true that bald men have high testosterone?

In fact, it's not only the level of male hormones that results in hair loss, but the presence of testosterone also allows the hormone to turn into another active substance, such as dihydrosterone.

Reported by the BBC, the active ingredient of this metabolite is believed to be able to shrink hair follicles on the scalp, prevent further growth, and cause baldness. Also, be aware that baldness is not only determined by testosterone, but is also controlled by male hereditary factors and influence on his lifestyle. Therefore, a bald head does not reflect masculinity, let alone its sexual appetite.

Then, what affects someone's sexual appetite?

The problem of sexual desire is not only when passion is too small or absent, but too much passion will also be a problem in sex life. There are some people who have libido that is too high so he can't help it. This will be a problem if the husband is passionate, but his wife is feeling tired or not in the mood to make love.

A person's sexual arousal can be influenced by several factors such as age: if it is still young, his passion is certainly still high. According to sexologists, in their 40s most men still want to have intercourse 2-3 times a week.

A man's physical fitness also affects his sex drive, if he is still strong jogging, push ups, climbing stairs quickly without running out of breath, it is very likely that a man's passion like this can even be normal.

Hormonal factors are also important to note, if sexual hormone levels are high or high testosterone levels, it will also be high passion. However, if a man suffers from chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and other serious illnesses, this will reduce sexual desire in the long run.

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