Is If Diagnosed with Prediabetes Will Definitely Become Diabetes?

Is If Diagnosed with Prediabetes Will Definitely Become Diabetes?

Is If Diagnosed with Prediabetes Will Definitely Become Diabetes?


Is If Diagnosed with Prediabetes Will Definitely Become Diabetes?

Is your blood sugar level always above normal? Maybe you are worried about developing diabetes. But, it could be that you have just experienced prediabetes, a condition that is usually experienced before diabetes approaches.

Then, do you have diabetes if you have prediabetes? Can prediabetes be cured? Is the treatment the same as diabetes? See the following explanation.

After prediabetes, is it certain that you have diabetes?

Prediabetes is a condition in which blood sugar levels are above normal, but not as high as diabetics, so they cannot be said to have diabetes.

Normally, fasting blood sugar levels in healthy people are less than 100 mg /dl. Meanwhile, if you have prediabetes, your blood sugar level will be more than that, which is equal to 100-125 mg /dl. Now, if your blood sugar is above 125 mg /dl, then you have diabetes. "

Yes, even though both are characterized by high sugar levels, prediabetes can still be cured. That is, people with this condition will not always get diabetes. You could say that prediabetes is a warning for those of you who experience it. Because, a little more, you can get diabetes, a disease that has no cure.

Is If Diagnosed with Prediabetes Will Definitely Become Diabetes?

How do I know I have prediabetes?

Almost the same as diabetes, besides high blood sugar levels, this condition is characterized by symptoms and signs such as:

  •       Often feel thirsty
  •       Urinate more often
  •       Feel tired
  •       Suddenly blurred vision

If you experience these symptoms, then you should immediately see a doctor. Because, if your condition is still in the prediabetes stage, you can still prevent it from getting diabetes.

Is the prediabetes drug the same as diabetes?

Although prediabetes is the initial stage before diabetes, these two conditions are handled differently.

If you have diabetes, you are obliged to take blood sugar control drugs. Meanwhile, if you have just been diagnosed with prediabetes, you do not really need drugs to control blood sugar levels. You can still prevent it by applying a healthy lifestyle.

However, it is possible to take certain medications to reduce blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels - if you are at high risk of developing diabetes.

Then what should I do to avoid diabetes?

Because it is still in a 'warning' condition, you can still do a number of things to prevent diabetes from happening, such as:

1. Lose weight

If you have excessive weight, the prediabetes you experience is very likely to change to diabetes. Therefore, you should make your body weight ideal for getting away from the risk of diabetes. Reducing weight by 5-10% has been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes in people who have prediabetes.

2. Adjust eating patterns

Don't wait for diabetes before you change your diet. If you do not want to get diabetes, then you must arrange and choose food properly. Avoid sweet foods, such as candy, cakes, sugar, or honey.

Conversely, increasing the portion of fruits, vegetables, and foods that contain high fiber. In addition to making blood sugar levels more controllable, adjusting portions and choosing the right foods, can also make your body weight ideal.

Reduce the use of sugar in food and drinks daily. Replace with other sweeteners that are healthier and lower in calories, to maintain weight so as not to rise, and blood sugar remains stable.

3. Leave a sedentary lifestyle

The sedentary lifestyle, aka lack of movement, will only make the risk of diabetes getting higher. Therefore, from now on you have to get used to regular physical activity.

To get started, you don't need to do a strenuous exercise right away, starting from the easy ones like relaxing on foot around the house. You can also ride or swim. Make sure that at least you exercise for 30 minutes in one day.

4. Stop smoking

Are you an active smoker? Stop smoking, if you don't want to have diabetes. This habit will increase the risk of diabetes, not to mention the risk of other chronic diseases that lurk, such as heart disease and cancer.

5. The routine is to see a doctor

To find out, if your blood sugar levels return to normal and your body is healthy, you should consult your doctor frequently. So, you can continue to monitor your health condition.

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