Is Garlic Really Curing Acne?

Is Garlic Really Curing Acne?

Is Garlic Really Curing Acne?


What do you use to get rid of stubborn pimples? Some people choose to use doctor care or drugs with chemicals to get rid of acne. While others prefer using natural ingredients. Many say that using garlic for acne is effective. Really?

Is using garlic effective for treating acne?

Lately there have been more people applying garlic to zits after watching a video from a Canadian beauty vlogger that claims that small garlic slices are effective for removing acne instantly. How can it be?

Doris Day, M.D., a dermatologist and author of 100 Questions and Answers About Acne, argues that this might work because garlic has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

This statement was then supported by Rachelle Wood, a nutritionist at Charlottetown P.E.I who believes that garlic can help fight inflammation thanks to natural chemicals, called allicin. The content of allicin in garlic can kill many viruses and harmful bacteria in the body.

How do you use garlic for zits?

If you want to try to get rid of this one zit, Farah Dhukai, beauty vlogger from Canada shares the recipe by cutting the garlic in a small size until the liquid extract comes out.

After that, you can apply it directly to the area of ​​the face with acne. While if the pimples that appear are large, you can rub garlic in the area with acne then let it sit overnight.

Alternatively, you can also consume garlic directly or by destroying it and then mixing it into a glass of milk, reported on the Livestrong page. However, it is important for you to test the compatibility with your skin first, by applying it to other areas of the skin. Then see if it causes a reaction to your skin.

Not everyone can use garlic for acne

Even though it looks quite promising, you still have to be careful if you want to try this one natural way.

Marie Leger, M.D., Ph.D., a dermatologist and assistant professor in New York City believes that applying garlic to zits can lead to contact dermatitis, irritation of the skin. This condition usually occurs in people who have garlic allergies, or even in people who do not have garlic allergy at all but their skin is classified as sensitive.

In people with sensitive skin, applying garlic can actually "harvest" more zits, even causing the skin to feel hot and sore.

Instead, skin health experts prefer to use other methods that have more proven efficacy to deal with stubborn acne. For example, with hydrocortisone cream that can be purchased at pharmacies, aloe vera, or drugs containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

Again, don't forget to adjust it again to the state of your skin and consult with your dermatologist first.

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