Is Coffee Dangerous For People Who Have A History Of Heart Disease?

Is Coffee Dangerous For People Who Have A History Of Heart Disease?

Is Coffee Dangerous For People Who Have A History Of Heart Disease?


Are you used to drinking a cup of coffee in the morning? Maybe that's your habit, but what if you have heart disease? He said, drinking coffee is prohibited for people who have heart disease. Is that true? Can people who have a history of heart disease drink coffee?

Can people with heart disease drink coffee?

For those of you who have a history of heart disease, it is important that you prevent the disease from recurring. You can prevent and control your heart disease so you don't relapse again by applying a healthy lifestyle. One of them is to avoid drinking coffee.

Actually, the caffeine contained in the coffee is your main enemy. Caffeine that enters the body can make your blood pressure rise. If you continue to drink coffee and maintain the habit, then your blood pressure will be difficult to control and tend to rise continuously, which ultimately makes your heart work harder.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the caffeine content in one cup of coffee or equivalent to 237 ml is around 95-200 mg. Meanwhile, in instant coffee, there is less caffeine which only reaches 27-237 ml.

Indeed, each person has different sensitivity to caffeine. However, if you are sensitive to caffeine, you can experience an increase in blood pressure by 5-10 points. Of course, this is not good for your health.

Too much caffeine can increase blood pressure and trigger further heart attacks

There is no definitive explanation for the relationship between caffeine and recurrence of heart disease. However, some theories mentioned by experts state that caffeine can affect hormone levels which are responsible for regulating blood pressure and working the heart.

Experts state that caffeine plays a role in coffee or other drinks that affect the work of hormones that regulate blood vessel size. Caffeine can inhibit these hormones to dilate blood flow, so that the vessels tend to be small and eventually blood pressure increases. When blood pressure increases, it does not wait for a long time, this will interfere with the work of the heart. In the end, the heart will fatigue and a subsequent heart attack develops.

Not only that, caffeine also has the ability to inhibit the action of drugs that function to keep blood pressure normal. This has been proven in a study published in the American Journal of Hypertension. In this study it was mentioned that caffeine can reduce the ability of drugs that are tasked with blood flow. In fact, most cases of heart disease occur when blood flow is not smooth and is blocked.

Is Coffee Dangerous For People Who Have A History Of Heart Disease?

I'm used to drinking coffee, how do I stop it?

For those of you who are used to caffeine, but you have to really reduce it, then you can do the following:

  • Get enough sleep if you drink coffee due to lack of rest. If you lack sleep, coffee will not be the solution. You will still feel weak, difficult to concentrate, and sleepy. If you are drowsy, what you have to do is sleep.
  • Change your morning drink to a healthier drink. Instead of drinking coffee, you can drink juice or even milk as a substitute.

In order to keep blood pressure under control and heart disease does not recur, you must live a healthy lifestyle. The way is to do regular exercise, choose the right foods, check blood pressure, and take medication according to the doctor's advice.

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