Insulin Injection Free for Diabetics It Is Impossible

Insulin Injection Free for Diabetics It Is Impossible

Insulin Injection Free for Diabetics It Is Impossible


Insulin Injection Free for Diabetics It Is Impossible

What do you think if the doctor says that you have diabetes? It's normal because you feel diabetes is a common disease? Or depressed because you imagine various types of treatment that you will live? Not to mention insulin that you have to inject into the body every day of your life. Just imagining it sometimes makes you shudder in horror.

For people with type 1 diabetes, injecting insulin is not a negotiable thing. Insulin injections are the only way to keep blood sugar normal without surgery. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that attacks beta cells in the pancreas. That causes damage so that beta cells are no longer able to produce insulin.

Unlike type 1 diabetes, type two diabetes results from an unhealthy lifestyle. Obesity increases a person's risk of developing type two diabetes. Not infrequently, type two diabetics also have to use insulin to keep their blood sugar levels normal if they can no longer control it with diet and exercise and drinking drugs.

When a type two diabetic has to undergo insulin injections, will that last forever? Can diabetics have a life free of insulin injections someday and control their diabetes using only oral drugs or oral drugs?

Diabetics do not have to inject insulin

Although insulin is a major requirement for diabetics, in fact not all type 2 diabetes patients need insulin injections. Only about 20-30 percent of people with type two diabetes need insulin injections.

To control diabetes in type two diabetes patients, a doctor who advocates the use of insulin injections as a treatment usually only recommends it temporarily. Insulin will generally only be given if other treatments and changes in a healthy lifestyle are no longer able to control blood sugar levels.

The use of insulin is arguably only one of the tools to reduce blood sugar levels quickly and keep it stable at normal rates. Patients with type two diabetes, especially those who are also accompanied by obesity, can even leave injections of insulin if they succeed in losing their weight to the recommended number and discipline to do physical activity and regulate diet or diet.

Many people feel worse when they find out that they have diabetes and have to take insulin injections every day. In fact, treatment with insulin therapy in the early days of the diagnosis of diabetes can make it easier for you to control blood sugar better in the long run simply by relying on diet and exercise.

Type two diabetes is a disease that requires the discipline of sufferers to stick to diet and exercise to control blood sugar levels. When you have type two diabetes, consumption of carbohydrates which are the main source of glucose certainly needs to be reduced. This is done so that food intake does not overload your pancreas in producing insulin. Plus, when you have type two diabetes, your body may experience a decrease in responding to insulin or commonly called insulin resistance.

Eating foods that contain protein can be an alternative carbohydrate substitute that you reduce. But remember, even if you have to reduce carbohydrate intake, it does not mean you eliminate it altogether from the daily menu list. However, your body still needs carbohydrates as a source of energy.

Regular exercise can also help you maintain blood sugar levels without having to inject insulin. In fact, exercise will help restore your body's sensitivity in response to insulin produced. So that life is free of injecting insulin is not an impossibility. Being physically active through exercise can also help you burn fat. Do this physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day every day.

According to Dr. Dipdo Petrus Widjaya, Sp.PD, as quoted from Detik Health, "A person with diabetes does not always need insulin injections and can stop using insulin as long as the number of injections used is usually not up to 30 units per day and does not have any complications." >

Diabetic patients with complications are strongly advised not to leave injections of insulin because they require the recovery of blood sugar conditions more quickly. One thing that must be kept in mind when wanting to stop insulin injection is always consult with the treating doctor.

New hope for diabetics to live insulin free injection

So far, insulin is believed to be a key element in controlling diabetes. For diabetics living without insulin is what will bring them to worse conditions. Even so, a group of researchers from the University of Geneva led by Roberto Coppari found that insulin is not a vital element for a diabetics to survive. They found that leptin, a hormone that regulates fat reserves and appetite, can help people with diabetes free of insulin injections.

With the use of leptin, those who have insulin deficiency can survive with sugar levels that are also stable. There are two benefits given by leptin, which does not trigger a decrease in blood sugar levels to below normal, causing hypoglycemia and having lipolytic effects or destroying fat. Through this discovery, diabetics now have a new choice to determine a convenient way for them to control diabetes.

For now, the use of leptin as a new way to cure diabetes is still limited to laboratory testing. However, this indicates that there is a possibility of treatment that can be chosen by diabetics in the future in addition to insulin. Hopefully there will be good news about this treatment later, yes!

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