Husband's Support Determines the Success of Exclusive Breastfeeding

Husband's Support Determines the Success of Exclusive Breastfeeding

Husband's Support Determines the Success of Exclusive Breastfeeding


Husband's Support Determines the Success of Exclusive Breastfeeding

Maybe most of you feel as "neglected husbands" when babies enter breastfeeding. This arises because the husband feels he cannot do anything at that time, cannot participate in giving food to the baby, and envy arises when he sees the closeness of mother and baby. However, most husbands do not realize that they have an important role in the success of breastfeeding.

It has become general information that breast milk is the main source of good and perfect food for children in their first year. In addition, according to the WHO, breast milk also contributes to maternal health, which can reduce the incidence of anemia, reduce the risk of ovarian cancer and breast cancer, prevent postpartum bleeding, and accelerate weight loss back to normal. Then, what can a husband do to make the breastfeeding process successful?

Various ways for husbands to launch exclusive breastfeeding programs

1. Make your wife feel that you support her

Your role as father and husband is an important role in this process, because your views and attitudes about breastfeeding can influence your partner's decision to do exclusive breastfeeding or not. Tell him that you support his decision to take exclusive breastfeeding, and remind him that you will always be there and help to make this process run easily and smoothly. Tell him that he is great and can do it well.

The period of breastfeeding can be an emotional period, this is caused by hormonal changes, lack of sleep, and fatigue in nursing mothers. It looks easy maybe for those of you who see a partner who only sits all day, but your partner may spend more calories in a day than you because he is breastfeeding. Therefore, it cannot be denied that breastfeeding can cause fatigue for the mother. Your support can make couples stronger and more confident in living it.

2. Make your wife feel comfortable

The easy thing to do to show your attention to your partner while breastfeeding is to do small but useful things, such as offering and bringing your favorite food or drink, or giving him a pillow to make it more comfortable while breastfeeding.

3. Give your wife a break

In addition to fatigue from breastfeeding, your partner also usually doesn't have enough sleep and rest time because he is always awake when the baby cries at night and during the day. It's better if you share your role with your partner in caring for your baby, so your partner can rest longer.

You can do the night shift, if your baby cries in the middle of the night because of his wet diaper, you can replace his diaper without having to wake the couple. If the baby is hungry, you can give it to your partner for breastfeeding and then help him to put him to sleep again. Besides that you can also learn to bathe your baby, this also helps you to get closer to the baby, so that not only your partner has to intervene.

4. Take over other household responsibilities

Of course your partner will give focus to the newborn baby. Therefore, if you and your partner have another child, it is your job to care for and replace the partner's role to be 'mother' for them, such as preparing breakfast, helping them get ready for school, and so on. You can also do housework that is usually done by your partner, such as cleaning the house. Things like this will reduce the partner's burden.

5. Become a good listener

The process of breastfeeding is not easy, there are problems that arise, such as breast milk does not come out or the baby does not want to suckle. In this case, you can take the role of being a good listener for your partner. Listen to complaints and problems, then discuss them well and find a solution together.

6. Find information about breastfeeding and exclusive breastfeeding

It's easier to understand your partner who is breastfeeding by looking for information in advance about it. You can look for information regarding foods that are good during breastfeeding, how to sterilize milk bottles, or how to pump to get ASI reserves.


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