How to Speak Parents to Children Turns Out to Really Affect Their Development

How to Speak Parents to Children Turns Out to Really Affect Their Development

How to Speak Parents to Children Turns Out to Really Affect Their Development


Effective communication is always found in families that have strong parent-child relationships. In fact, this greatly affects the quality of family closeness. The quality of communication between parents and children influences their development. Therefore, parents need to develop the right attitude and learn effective communication skills to strengthen the relationship between parents and children.

The way parents talk with children also needs attention. Does your voice sound patient, gentle and loving? If the answer is no, think again about what you can do to change it. Because, the way to talk parents with children is important.

Why is there a positive way of speaking between parents and children?

1. Positive ways of speaking will help children to be more compliant

Speaking in soft tones and words tends to be heard more by your child. Surely no one likes to be spoken to in a high tone and words that seem rude or negative. Likewise with your child. Talk gently to your child.

Even if your child makes a mistake and you need to give advice, a soft and firm voice will get more attention from your child. Children will listen more like that.

2. Rough talk actually fosters a negative attitude

If you shout, yell, or speak harshly to your child, you tend not to get good results. Even this action will damage the close relationship between parents and children.

Research shows that screaming in children is just as bad as blows. Your child will certainly listen, but listen because he is afraid. Usually this kind of action makes children dishonest to their parents for fear of being scolded or beaten.

If you want your child to develop the skills needed to manage his own behavior, speak well and clearly to your child.

3. Children learn from their parents' behavior

The way parents and children talk is very important because children learn to behave by imitating their own parents. How not, from the beginning of his birth, children cannot speak and know how to behave well and not.

So the child will follow what he sees directly. Therefore, talk politely and well with children and with the people around you. Even children will imitate this behavior until adulthood later.

4. You will have a stronger relationship with your child

If you treat your child with respect and kindness, this will strengthen your bond with your baby. Children will be more open to you. Say "thank you" and "help" when talking to your child, and explain that you expect him to do the same. Giving input to one another with courtesy and respect will make your relationship closer.

Whereas all this time your speech tends to be rude or cold, children learn to build distance and defense against you. Children will see you as an unbelievable threat, not a loving and protective person.

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