How to massage your breasts to smooth breast milk

How to massage your breasts to smooth breast milk

How to massage your breasts to smooth breast milk


How to massage your breasts to smooth breast milk

After giving birth, many women are afraid that giving breast milk to their baby is not smooth. Indeed there are many things that can interfere with your milk production. Some of them are lack of rest, stress, poor health conditions, side effects of drugs, or an unbalanced diet.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can try to facilitate the production of breast milk. You may have heard that pumping breast milk can increase milk. Apparently, in addition there are also easy ways while providing a comfortable relaxing effect for nursing mothers. The method is breast massage (also known as lactation massage). Massaging the breast to facilitate breastfeeding can begin several days or weeks after giving birth. Come on, see the sundries of breast massage for nursing mothers below.

Why do nursing mothers need to massage the breast?

Breast massage can help blood circulation and breast milk in nursing mothers. When massaged, the ASI channel will become smoother. This is because the mammary glands that are clogged or clot will slowly decompose. ASI can come out easily. If your milk production is smooth, the breast will be triggered to produce more milk again. So, nursing mothers who have problems with breast milk production can try to massage this breast.

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In addition to smoothing breast milk, breast massage is also effective in preventing and relieving swelling or mastitis that usually occurs when breastfeeding. Massaging the breast can also help you feel more relaxed and comfortable. That way, the mind becomes calmer and you can rest well. You can also avoid the problem of blocked breast milk due to stress or lack of sleep.

Before undergoing breast massage

Breast massage can be done alone at home every day. Choose a free time so you feel relaxed and not in a hurry. It is recommended that breast massage is also done a few moments before feeding the baby or pumping breast milk.

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Before massaging, first wash your hands thoroughly. Then, prepare a massage oil that is safe and does not contain too many dangerous chemicals. Avoid massage lotions or oils that contain fragrances or additional dyes. The best choice is olive oil, coconut oil, or baby oil. You can also use special lactation massage oil available at the nearest shop or pharmacy. Don't apply it directly to the breast. Pour enough in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together until the oil is evenly distributed. Now, you are ready to massage the breast to smooth the ASI.

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How to massage the breast

Massaging your own breasts is not too complicated. Just follow the easy steps below. After that, you can say goodbye to various problems of lactation after giving birth.

  1. While standing before a mirror, lift one side of the breast with your left hand and hold the upper part of the breast with your right hand.
  2. Move your hands back and forth gently, if your right hand is towards the left, then your left hand moves to the right. Repeat this movement up to 20 times and change to the other side of the breast.
  3. Position both palms on the side of one breast. Gently, move both hands up and down, if the right hand up, then the left hand down. Repeat this movement up to 20 times and change to the other side of the breast.
  4. Lift one side of the breast with your left hand. With three or four fingers of your right hand, make a circular motion over the nipple 20 times.
  5. Still in the same position, make a circular motion around the nipple 20 times.
  6. With the fingers of your hands, massage the breasts slowly from the outside (next to the breast, which is under the armpit and cleavage) to the nipple. Repeat 10 times and change to the other side of the breast.
  7. With the tip of your thumb and forefinger, slowly twist the nipples on each breast.
  8. Milk may come out after breast massage. You can directly pump breast milk or clean the breast first from the remnants of massage oil, then breastfeed the child.

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