How to Get Rid of Gadget Dependence

How to Get Rid of Gadget Dependence

How to Get Rid of Gadget Dependence


From morning to night, anywhere, we are always "close" to the smartphone. Every time, including when you're eating, it's hard to let go of your cellphone from your hand. Until now, experts are still the pros and cons of whether these conditions can be classified into the category of addiction or just overuse.

Reported by WebMD, a study conducted by a number of researchers at Harvard Business School and involving 1,600 managers and professionals, found that:

  • 70% said every hour they checked the smartphone
  • 56% checked the smartphone one hour before going to bed
  • 48% checked smartphones throughout the weekend, including Friday and Saturday nights
  • 51% said when on vacation always check the smartphone
  • 44% said they would feel impurity if their smartphone was lost and could not find it

A little different from a study conducted by a number of researchers at Ofcoms, England, addicted to gadgets had reached epidemic proportions. 37% of adults in the UK claim they are very addicted to smartphones. In addition, quoted by the Life Hack, nearly half of the respondents in the study said they used smartphones to socialize, a quarter used smartphones at mealtime, and one-fifth used smartphones while in the bathroom.

Steps to "rehabilitate" smartphone addicts

Another study published in the Journal of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, concluded that smartphones take over someone's life. The researchers identified that what made them addicted to smartphones was because of the "habit of checking".

Just because you want to check your smartphone, over time we get dependency. Starting from accessing certain applications, over time we get used to checking it. This is certainly not disturbing if it is done as needed, but if we are obsessed with checking cellphones even while spending quality time with a loved one, this means that you are truly dependent.

But there are a number of steps you can take to get rid of smartphone addiction.

  • Buy smartphone as needed . You don't need to buy a smartphone with many features. Just select a smartphone that can meet your needs.
  • Install a little application . The more applications, the slower the performance of your smartphone, and the battery runs out quickly. Generally most people only use 5-10 applications regularly. Sounds or notification lights from the application can also interfere with your focus.
  • Leave smartphone you in another room . If you often check your smartphone, you should leave your smartphone in another room, or in a bag, so you will avoid the desire to check it.
  • Don't use your phone while talking to other people . If it's not a really important phone call until you have to pick it up, don't pick it up. When talking to other people and there is an incoming message, then you see your smartphone or then type the message even if only for a while, these conditions can have a negative impact on the relationship with the person you're talking to. The impact can also affect your productivity.


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