How to choose the best bath soap for skin?

How to choose the best bath soap for skin?

How to choose the best bath soap for skin?


Indeed, everyone has a personal taste for choosing bath soap. But, choosing the right bath soap according to your skin type is one way to treat skin health, you know!

So, not only is it just fragrant, the choice of bath soap must also be adjusted to the needs of your skin. Especially for those of you who do have skin types tend to be sensitive, dry, or even too oily. So, how do you choose safe and healthy bath soap? Read more in this article.

Tips for choosing bath soap according to skin type

1. Sensitive skin

This one skin type can indeed be said to be a little "fussy" for maintenance problems. If you choose the wrong soap, your skin may be irritated. Well, to prevent irritation, you should indeed have sensitive skin using bath soap that does not contain coloring and perfume. Also, make sure the soap you choose has a balanced pH level (balanced pH).

You can also look for soaps containing organic ingredients. Because, soap that has organic ingredients tends not to have preservatives to reduce side effects that are bad for your skin.

But remember, not all ingredients in sensitive skin special soap are suitable for you. Because the skin type of people is different, although there is already a lot of soap for sensitive skin circulating in the market, but it does not guarantee that the soap is immediately suitable for your skin. If you are in doubt, the best way is to consult a dermatologist.

2. Oily skin

Having oily skin is indeed an endless problem if it's not handled properly. Because, oily skin makes makeup easy to wear off, prone to acne, even so you want to take a shower at any time because you feel the body sticky and oily.

Now, if you have this type of skin, you can use a soft antibacterial soap like glycerin. In addition, choose soap products that do not contain chemicals and detergents to avoid irritation and excess oil. Don't forget to use oil-free bath soaps that are a good choice for cleaning oily skin.

4. Dry skin

If you are one of those who has dry skin type, make sure the ingredients in the bath soap you choose contain moisturizers. You can choose a soap containing glycerin. Glycerin has moisturizing properties and can absorb water in the air. Well, the content will make your skin moist for a longer time.

Besides choosing glycerin, you can also choose bath soaps containing organic ingredients such as olive oil, cocoa butter, aloe vera, coconut oil, jojoba oil and avocado if your skin is dry.

Avoid using detergent or antibacterial soap, both of these ingredients can irritate the skin so the skin tends to become inflamed and can reduce the production of natural oils on the skin.

If you have dry skin, besides choosing the right soap, you should also avoid taking a shower with hot water.

5. Combination leather

Because it consists of dry and oily skin, combination skin needs to be cleaned specifically using different products. Use a cleanser that is soft and contains little chemicals

In dry areas, you need to use moisturizer, while you need cleansing soap containing benzoyl peroxide in the area of ​​oily skin to prevent inflammation or the appearance of pimples on your chest, back, or other body parts.

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