How to Apply Double Claim from Different Insurance

How to Apply Double Claim from Different Insurance

How to Apply Double Claim from Different Insurance


How to Apply Double Claim from Different Insurance

When you first sign up for health insurance, you may be tempted by the lure of double claim facilities or double claims. Yes, this insurance claim facility is indeed often an attraction for prospective members even though most of us do not really understand what its function is. What comes to mind might be that you can get double compensation by double claiming. Even though, that's not the case, you know!

Well, for that you need to understand the meaning of double claim and know how to make the claim correctly.

What is double claim?

The facility of double claim is actually not much different from ordinary insurance claims, which is to help you get compensation for medical expenses that you have incurred. Even so, the word "double" or "double" does not mean you then get double compensation.

The purpose of the double claim here is that you can submit additional claims to other insurers if the medical expenses cannot be borne entirely by the main insurance (where you registered).

An example is this: You get treatment and pay a fee of Rp. 600,000. But according to the agreement at the beginning of the policy, your main insurance can only replace medical expenses of Rp 450,000. Well, the remaining costs that are not covered by IDR 150,000 can be claimed on other insurance parties. This is the way of working and the real understanding of the double claim facility.

When can you use this insurance claim facility?

Just like insurance claims in general, you can immediately file a double claim when or as soon as you pay for hospital fees. But with a note : double claim can only be used when medical expenses are not entirely borne by the main insurance party and there are remaining bills that you have to pay for yourself.

This facility also depends on the insurance system you have. Every insurance company has different policies and regulations, including in the case of double claims. There may be terms and conditions and different file completeness processes between insurance companies with each other.

In general, if you have two insurance systems that are cashless, then you can use both insurance cards at once to pay off hospital payments.

While if you have two insurance systems that are cashless and reimbursement, you can use a cashless insurance card for the first payment. Next, you have to pay the rest of the bill yourself. Proof of payment of the remaining bill then you submit to the insurance company to be replaced.

How to double claims from two different insurance

The steps to double claim are not very different from general insurance claims, namely:

1. After treatment, request and save details of costs not covered by the main insurance

How to Apply Double Claim from Different Insurance

After getting treatment, ask for details of what costs are not covered by the main insurance. Also include some legalized original documents. Details of this fee are used as proof of the amount of the remaining bills that you have to spend to be replaced by additional insurance.

2. Complete the doctor's certificate

How to Apply Double Claim from Different Insurance

In addition to payment receipts, you also need a doctor's certificate. This letter must be included to submit a claim to the insurance company. Don't forget to check carefully again; whether filling out the doctor's certificate is correct or not.

3. Meet the other terms and conditions of the insurance party concerned

How to Apply Double Claim from Different Insurance

Taking care of claims is likely to take a lot of time, energy, and even costs because you could have to go back and forth to the insurance office. For that, before you make a claim, you must prepare everything needed.

You can read the terms and conditions of submitting a claim on the insurance file that you have or contact the insurance company if you experience difficulties. If you have fulfilled the terms and conditions, you will be made easier to double insurance claims.

Don't forget, submitting a claim also has a validity period. So, the process of arranging a claim should be no more than 30 days after you receive treatment or are discharged from the hospital after hospitalization.

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