How Safe is Hair Coloring with Hair Paint?

How Safe is Hair Coloring with Hair Paint?

How Safe is Hair Coloring with Hair Paint?


How Safe is Hair Coloring with Hair Paint?

Hair coloring is the choice of many people to simply change the "atmosphere" and appear fresher. For some people, painting their hair aims to cover gray hair, so that their appearance looks more youthful. However, the question often arises how safe is actually coloring hair with hair coloring? Is it true that hair paint can cause cancer? Let's look at what health experts say here.

Know the types of hair dyes

Based on the chemical ingredients of the product, hair-specific paints have three different types. The three types are temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent.

Temporary hair coloring is only temporary and is very easy to wash because the particles of the substance will not enter the hair shaft. Semi-permanent hair paint contains smaller molecules so that it can fit into the hair shaft. While permanent hair paint is very difficult to remove because the substance particles destroy the original color pigment from your hair and replace it.

The content in hair dyes that need to be watched out

Hair dyes do have a variety of different colors. Get to know the various ingredients or substances that need to be aware of in the following special hair dyes.

  • Para-phenylenediamine or PPD which causes allergic reactions such as burning and headaches. PPD is also a potential carcinogen.
  • Coal tar or coal contained in almost 70% of coloring products in hair and can cause allergic reactions.
  • Lead acetate or lead that has been banned in various European countries because it is carcinogenic and can cause serious problems in the nervous system.
  • DMDM ​​hydantion which functions as a preservative. This material has been linked to problems with the immune system.
  • Ammonia can be toxic and corrosive so it causes respiratory problems.
  • Resorcinol that is irritant and is likely to act as a carcinogen.

What are the risks of using hair dye for health?

Seeing the amount of harmful chemicals contained in hair paint, it does not rule out the possibility that coloring hair holds various risks of health problems that can appear in the short term and in the long run.

The risk of coloring in hair against cancer has not been scientifically proven. Nohynek and his team who carried out the results of their research in the 2004 Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology stated through Science Direct that studies carried out on hair dyes did not produce significant, even negative relationships, between the use of hair dyes and the growth of various cancers , like bladder cancer.

Other research also shows the same thing. Saita Peter and her research team published the results of their research at the US National Library of Medicine PMC. From the research, experts found that not only bladder cancer, but other diseases such as leukemia and breast cancer are not positively related to the use of hair dyes.

Furthermore, the American Cancer Society says that the studies and research that have been carried out provide weak evidence and cannot be scientifically acceptable. Therefore, research is needed in the future to ascertain whether coloring for hair is indeed dangerous.

Although it is quite safe, it does not mean that the dye for hair is free of side effects

The various studies above have indeed explained that the results obtained do not succeed in proving that hair dyes cause various diseases. Further research is needed to prove this.

However, you need to avoid hair coloring when you are in a health condition such as pregnancy or breastfeeding because it can be dangerous for fetal or child development in the future. Research conducted by Chen and colleagues found an increase in the risk of tumors in infants because mothers painted their hair during pregnancy.

In addition, the chemical content in hair dyes is quite hard so that it can cause allergic reactions in some people, such as rashes on the skin, hives, and other reactions. These chemicals can also irritate the eyes. If that happens, stop using immediately and consult a doctor. In very rare cases, the use of hair dye that is exposed to the eye can cause blindness.

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