How often do you have sex when you are pregnant?

How often do you have sex when you are pregnant?

How often do you have sex when you are pregnant?


How often do you have sex when you are pregnant?

For married couples, having sex has become a need that needs to be fulfilled. But sometimes, this activity becomes a matter of considerable concern during pregnancy. In fact, sex when pregnant is just as safe as the days before you conceive. However, of course there are several things that need to be considered. Not infrequently there are various questions about pregnant sex that are submitted including how often you can do it.

How often can pregnancy sex be done?

How often do you have sex when you are pregnant?

Although some couples are worried about having sex during pregnancy, this activity is certainly unavoidable and does not dampen each other's sexual arousal. Some may even feel more excited when having sex during pregnancy. Well, then the question arises that is often asked by many partners, how many times, is it possible to have sex during pregnancy?

Actually, there is no specific or maximum limit that mentions how often sex should be during pregnancy. You and your partner can determine how ready the physical and mental conditions are for sexual activity. However, generally high and low sexual arousal both partners in each trimester determine how much sexual activity is carried out.

First trimester

Quoted from Parents, research shows that about 54 percent of pregnant women experience reduced sexual desire during the first trimester. This happens because the beginning of pregnancy is the hardest time for some women.

Breasts that are painful, prolonged nausea, and also erratic moods are usually the cause of low sexual desire in women. However, this usually only lasts for a few weeks and will return to normal even when the body's condition stabilizes.

Second trimester

In the second trimester, women's body condition usually starts to stabilize. The feeling of fatigue and nausea he experienced in the first trimester had passed. Usually, you will also feel sexier because physically, the clitoris and vagina will also be larger due to increased blood volume.

That way, even more pleasure will feel. In fact, many women experience orgasm to multiorgasm for the first time in their lifetime in the second trimester of pregnancy.

When a woman feels at the peak of her passion, men sometimes experience the opposite. Because, at this time the baby begins to look enlarged which is indicated by the partner's belly is getting bulge.

So that sexual desire will decrease because there are fears that sexual activity can hurt the baby. If you and your partner manage to control your worries, chances are that at this time the frequency of your intimate relationship and your partner increases.

Third trimester

In the final trimester, the obstacles to having sex increase. An enlarged stomach and easily drained energy for women make many couples experience a decrease in sexual activity.

However, you can still have sex whenever you want during physical conditions. In addition, for couples who can find the right sex position during pregnancy, this routine will continue to run well until the time of delivery.

Focus on the quality of sex, not quantity

How often do you have sex when you are pregnant?

Many or at least sexual activities that you and your partner do during pregnancy are not a benchmark for happiness. The most important thing is to focus on the quality of sex that you and your partner do rather than thinking about the quantity. Because, the frequency of rare but quality sex can still maintain the intimacy of you and your partner rather than often but not quality.

Therefore, don't stick to how often sex is done but rather how much you and your partner enjoy sex. During pregnancy in a healthy condition and the doctor does not ask you to rest completely, you can do it as often as you want because sex will be very safe even if done while pregnant.

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