How Many Times Should We Eat in a Day? Really Three Times?

How Many Times Should We Eat in a Day? Really Three Times?

How Many Times Should We Eat in a Day? Really Three Times?


Eating three times a day still seems to be an obligation carried out by many people. Not infrequently, this raises the question, why should you eat three times a day? Why not more than three times, or even less than that? Hmmm ... calm down! Your concerns will be answered in this article.

The origin of eating three times a day

Apparently, eating three times originally came from the habits of European society which eventually became a new world diet. That is why, in the context of habits, this diet three times a day can not be separated from the habits formed by society in the previous era.

The Industrial Revolution in England in the mid-19th century changed society to become more modern. One of the characteristics of modernity is the creation of a structured alias patterned lifestyle. No exception to the matter of eating. At that time, the workers were pegged to tight working hours, so they got used to breakfast to fill their energy throughout the day. All workers do it without exception, even their superiors also apply it.

Because many workers spend time from morning to evening to work, this eating habit continues, so lunchtime to dinner hour appears to meet their energy needs.

So, how many times should we eat in a day?

Basically no matter how many meals a day you do, the most important thing is that you eat regularly. So, actually there are no benchmarks that are truly suitable for everyone to apply. This is because, every person has a different meal hour, depending on the needs and type of activity that he does every day.

For twenty-four hours a day, all body organs and systems are busy working. In this long time, the body will continue to burn fuel. Even though you don't always eat every minute, usually the body will store some of the fuel that comes from the food you eat, then save it for use now or next time.

Well, that's why, when the body is awake, eating regularly will be very helpful. By eating regularly, you indirectly help provide a supply of fuel for the body.

A person's eating behavior is one of the biggest determinants of health. When you do not eat or delay eating too often for diet reasons, this will only make the body work hard to supply fuel to support the work of the brain, liver, kidneys, and other organs. Of course, this method will not help you lose weight, but it is actually harmful to the body.


So, how many times should you eat in a day? Hmmm ... the answer is that everything depends on your body's needs. If you like to eat small portions, then eat 5-7 times or every 2-3 hours. While if you are not comfortable when eating a small portion, eat 3 times a day with a normal portion.

Remember, the most important thing is that you eat regularly and pay attention to the food portions. And don't forget to keep exercising to burn dangerous stacks of fat and keep your body healthy and fit.

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