How Many Times Must Clean Household Appliances?

How Many Times Must Clean Household Appliances?

How Many Times Must Clean Household Appliances?


Almost all household appliances are used every day by family members. Therefore, maintaining the cleanliness of household appliances is very important. Clean household appliances will make your body and family healthy. Then how do you clean the right household appliances? It's good how often we have to clean it?

Cleaning household appliances in the kitchen

1. Tub or sink and cookware

The sink is one of the centers of bacteria in the house, along with other kitchen appliances such as a sponge or cloth. Therefore, maintaining the cleanliness of the sink is important. Clean cooking utensils from leftovers every time you finish cooking. Clean dirty dishes and other cooking utensils that are dirty with disinfectant liquid. Once the cooking and eating utensils are clean, soak the sink with water and soap or antibacterial liquid. Let stand a few moments, then wash with water and dry with a clean cloth.

2. Dish washing sponge

Sponges are used for washing dishes, but that doesn't mean sponges are free of bacteria in the kitchen. Instead, sponges can be a nest of bacteria in the kitchen. The bacteria will multiply in a damp and warm place, according to the conditions of the dishwashing sponge.

To kill the bacteria soak the sponge in the water that has been given a disinfectant. Let stand for a few minutes, then lift and dry. You can also heat the sponge in the microwave for one or two minutes at high temperatures. Then remove the sponge and wind it until it's cool. After that you can use it again to do the dishes.

However, the best thing you can do is replace your sponge once a week. Actually, the use of sponges is not too long. You should replace the sponge once every three weeks. If the sponge has smell or fall out, it's a sign that it needs to be replaced even though it hasn't been used recently because the ability to clean it is no longer maximal.

3. Gas stove

The gas stove is also not spared from bacteria, especially in the knob section of the gas stove that allows bacteria to move to your fingers. Clean the stove by releasing some parts such as the stove stove, turn to turn on the stove, then clean it with soap and warm water.

Cleaning household appliances in the bathroom

A variety of bacteria in the body will be washed away when you take a shower. However, not all bacteria are carried to the sewer. Some bacteria remain attached, especially on damp surfaces.

Clean the bathtub and all the corners of your bathroom at least once a week. How to clean the bath can use a disinfectant on the bathroom floor and the entire bathtub and around the shower. Brush the surface then rinse thoroughly with water. The area around the water tap can be cleaned using an unused toothbrush.

When cleaning household appliances, you should use a nose and mouth cover mask, plastic gloves, and long sleeve clothing. This is so that you do not breathe harmful chemicals from household cleaning tools like carbolic and prevent dust allergy.

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