How Long is a Normal Penis Size Around the World?

How Long is a Normal Penis Size Around the World?

How Long is a Normal Penis Size Around the World?


How Long is a Normal Penis Size Around the World?

He said, the size of the penis symbolizes a man's virility. That may be why many men are busy proclaiming the prowess of their junior's appearance to the whole world, while others may choose to remain silent.

But, how big is a "big penis" actually, and how is the performance of Indonesian men compared to other men in neighboring countries? An interactive map published by Target Map, recently reported a comparison of the length of penis erection size from men around the world.

Africa, the continent with the largest penis size in the world

Black or African ethnic ranks first in the graph of the average penis size categorized by ethnicity. Followed by white people (Caucasians) who are side by side with latin or Hispanic men. Obtained to have investigated, it turns out this finding is true too, you know!

According to the interactive map of the Target Map issue, men in Africa have the largest average penis record in the world, which ranges from 16-18 cm during erection. Congo, for example, has an average country with erect penis size reaching 17.93 cm. While Ghana has an average range of 17.31 cm.

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Second world ranking followed by Australia with an average erect penis size of 15.7 cm. Australia must share the throne with Mexico, Norway, Italy and Sweden. Furthermore, the largest penis size throne in the world falls to the United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom with an average penis erection length of between 12.9 to 14.7 centimeters.

Asia has the smallest erectile penis size in the world, with India, Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea ranked lowest (average range between 9.3 - 10.5 cm). However, Japanese and Indonesian men are slightly superior with an average range of 10.5-13 centimeters, making Japan and Indonesia two Asian countries that have joined forces with Greece, Brazil and Russia. The following is more complete:

How Long is a Normal Penis Size Around the World?

The longest and shortest penis record in the world

Jonah Adam Julio Cardeli Falcon is a TV actor and presenter from the United States who has been in the national spotlight in the late 90's thanks to his big penis, has been named the largest in the world with 34 centimeters in erection. This record is undeniable from year to year, until in 2015, a 52-year-old Mexican man, Roberto Esquivel Cabrera claimed he had the longest penis in the world. The World Record Academy notes that Cabrera's penis during erection reached 48.2 centimeters with a thickness of 25 centimeters. This giant penis is only five centimeters shorter than the smallest person in the world.

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Conversely, a man from Miami, United States, Mike Carson, has been officially recognized by the Guinness World Record as the world's smallest male penis owner. Mike Carson's penis is recorded to have a length of 1/16 of 2.5 centimeters. That is, the penis is only 0.15 centimeters long. The smallest record for adult male size.

The size of the penis, where is it determined?

Indeed, it has generally been agreed that there is no measure of the size of the penis, but several different studies report an average male penis size between 13 cm and 14.5 centimeters. The study also found that the size of a man's erect penis is not related to the size of his soft penis, which means that men who have large penises of different lengths when soft may be the same size when erect. There was also no relationship between male age and their penis size.

A study published in the Asian Journal of Andrology in 2011 has suggested that the length of an index finger might play a role in the length of a person's penis, and that men who have a comparison between the index finger and ring finger have a penis greater than. But other studies have not succeeded in further testing the validity of this theory.

In addition, of all the physical factors and characteristics that have been identified, one that has the most relevance to the size of a man's penis is height. The higher your body posture, the bigger the junior size below. Apart from so many reports of people who agree, unfortunately, again this one theory is still said to be weak.

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What factors affect penis size?

So, what determines the size and size of the penis that is different between one man and another? Most of the reasons: parental inheritance. Hormones can also affect penis size. If there is excessive estrogen exposure to the fetus in the womb, which can have abnormal effects on the genitalia - which can shrink your penis. Although the incidence of micro penis can be said to be very rare, it occurs in less than five percent of men.

There are many different things that play a role in big concoctions and the size of a man's penis. One thing is certain, as long as it does not display detrimental physical symptoms and does not affect your performance, the size of the penis does not need to worry too much. Seeing the penis itself from a top perspective (looking down) and maybe comparing it to other men's property from different perspectives, maybe also pornographic films, further reinforces false penis size ideas. Women in general also don't care too much, how come, with your junior. As long as you are confident and able to satisfy your partner in bed.


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