How Can You Affect Vaginal Fungal Infections?

How Can You Affect Vaginal Fungal Infections?

How Can You Affect Vaginal Fungal Infections?


A vagina that feels itchy, red and smelly, can be a feature of you having vaginal yeast infections. Not only on the skin, yeast (yeast) or mushrooms can indeed be found in the human genitals, including the vagina of women.

You can recognize the characteristics that start from the appearance of itching, there is a white liquid that comes out of the vagina, irritation to the labia (outside the vagina), even when you have sex. This infection is very common, even though it interferes with daily activities.

What are the causes of vaginal yeast infections?

All women are at high risk for vaginal yeast infections. Be inflamed, this is caused by the use of antibiotic drugs that kill healthy bacteria in the vaginal part. This vaginal bacteria also has a function to protect the vagina. But, without bacteria, your vagina will be easy to grow with fungus.

Another risk factor that can make you more prone to vaginal yeast infections is if you:

  • has diabetes
  • is pregnant
  • You are using birth control pills
  • You are on steroid therapy in the long term
  • excessive watering of the vagina
  • less nutritious food
  • sleep deprivation
  • a weak immune system.

How do vaginal yeast infections spread?

Generally, you can get vaginal yeast infections in two ways. There can be contracted through sex, there are also those who are infected due to lack of maintaining vaginal hygiene. Generally, fungi in the vagina can also spread through your partner, you know!

Yes, fungal infections in the vagina can spread when you have oral sex. If one of you has canker sores or your partner has a fungal-infected penis, it can increase your risk of fungal infections.

Moreover, if you are women often change sex partners. This can cause vaginal pH to change, and eventually many fungi or bacteria are left in the vagina.

In the end, your vagina can become infected with fungus. It is also recommended, after having sex, women are required to urinate immediately. In fact it can help other bacteria or fungi not remain in the vagina.

How do you prevent vaginal yeast infections?

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) encourages women to avoid spraying water directly into your vagina. That's because it can kill good bacteria in your vagina, which helps balance yeast in your vagina. Conversely, women are advised to clean the vagina with feminine cleaning products containing Povidone-iodine.

Also, if you like wearing tight panties, or made of nylon and polyester, it can hold back the moisture of the vagina. As a result, yeast or mushrooms can grow in a dark, damp place in your agina. Therefore, experts recommend that women wear wearing cotton, or at least cotton underwear in the groin area. Cotton can make more air flow to your genital area.

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