Here's How To Prevent Children Obesity, Even Since You Have Not Been Pregnant

Here's How To Prevent Children Obesity, Even Since You Have Not Been Pregnant

Here's How To Prevent Children Obesity, Even Since You Have Not Been Pregnant


Obese children do look cute and adorable, but many parents don't realize that their chubby children are at risk of experiencing various health problems when they grow up. In fact, in 2015 from the data of the World Health Organization, children under the age of 5 who were obese had as many as 42 million children and more and more years. But take it easy, now there are ways to prevent obesity in children even before pregnancy occurs.

How do you prevent a fat child before you even get pregnant?

For those of you women who are planning to get pregnant, there are many things you should pay attention to. Because, everything you do, especially your lifestyle will affect the health of the child later. Even your lifestyle before pregnancy occurs must have been noticed and changed.

This statement has even been proven in a study from the Cleveland Clinic. In this study, experts tried to invite groups of women who would get pregnant to change their lifestyle to be healthier, such as eating more diverse foods and containing lots of nutrients, maintaining ideal body weight, doing regular exercise, and eating foods with the appropriate portion .

At the end of the study, researchers succeeded in proving that the child born to the mother group was healthier than those who did not pay attention to their lifestyle before becoming pregnant.

If you just improve your lifestyle when you are pregnant, you will be late in preventing obesity in children

In this study, experts stated that lifestyle changes that were only made during pregnancy would not prevent obesity in children to the fullest. For example, a new prospective mother adopts a healthy lifestyle, maintains her food, and does regular exercise. All that will indeed have a good impact on the fetus that is being conceived, but what he does is not maximal. However, the body that has been partially damaged and disrupted due to the lifestyle previously applied, may not have recovered when the mother is pregnant.

So, if you want your child to always be healthy and have a good nutritional status, prepare it from afar before you plan your pregnancy. Even pre-marital nutrition (nutritional status before marriage) can also affect your child's health later.

Preventing obese children is much better than treating it

As you have often heard, if prevention is better than cure. Likewise with cases of obesity in children. If parents can prevent their children from being fat and keep their nutritional status always good, then they do not need to worry about the development and growth of the child later. Because, accumulating fat also applies to children.

Fat does not look at age or gender. Hoarding fat in the body, regardless of age and whatever gender will definitely have a negative impact on health, such as causing heart disease, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure.

Not only that, if you let your child grow up with excessive nutritional status, it will interfere with his mental development as well. Some studies say that obese children tend to experience depression and anxiety syndrome more often than children who have normal nutritional status. If this happens in a prolonged time, it will affect his mental development until he is mature.

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