Healthy Sex Tips for People with Gastric Acid Disorders

Healthy Sex Tips for People with Gastric Acid Disorders

Healthy Sex Tips for People with Gastric Acid Disorders


Have you ever experienced a sore stomach from rising stomach acid? Be careful, because these conditions can interfere with your sex life. Yes, experiencing increased stomach acid certainly makes you uncomfortable. Then what if this happens during sex? What should be done to overcome this?

Why can stomach acid rise during sex?

Increased gastric acid or gastroesophagal reflux (GERD) is a condition in which your stomach fluid rises to reach your throat. Not infrequently this condition causes various symptoms and health problems such as heartburn, nausea, vomiting, difficulty chewing, and breathing problems.

Then what happens if during sex this condition occurs to you or your partner? Of course it will disrupt your intimacy moments and your partner and ultimately reduce your sexual performance.

In some studies it was mentioned that stomach acid rose could occur when you have sexual intercourse. Even in one study it was reported that this condition is more common in women. In another study it was mentioned if stomach acid rose or GERD can cause discomfort and pain during sex, so it is difficult to achieve orgasm.

How do you prevent and treat GERD during sex?

Increased stomach acid can indeed interfere with the quality and performance of your sex. But, don't be sad first, you can still enjoy mutual intimacy without these conditions by knowing what triggers the increase. Here are tips to do before and during sexual intercourse so that stomach acid does not interfere with your sex life.

Before sexual intercourse

  • Try not to eat foods that trigger stomach acid, such as soda, various fried foods, alcohol, caffeinated drinks, high-fat foods or drinks, and various foods that contain acid such as oranges.
  • Don't eat a large portion, if you don't want stomach acid to rise during sex. Eat small portions and wait a few hours for your food to digest properly.
  • Take antacid drugs before meals. This can prevent the increase in stomach acid.

When having sexual relations

  • Be honest and tell your partner what you feel. If you feel GERD gel appears, then you should postpone having sex with your partner and overcome these symptoms.
  • Avoid sex positions that require you to lie straight, because it can worsen symptoms of stomach acid. In addition, variations in position can also make sexual relations more exciting.
  • Also avoid positions that make your stomach depressed, this will actually trigger stomach acid to rise.
  • It's better if you have sex standing or sitting. This position is quite safe for those of you who have GERD.

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