Guide to Healthy Fasting for People With Rheumatic Disease

Guide to Healthy Fasting for People With Rheumatic Disease

Guide to Healthy Fasting for People With Rheumatic Disease


Guide to Healthy Fasting for People With Rheumatic Disease

Rheumatism or in medical terms called rheumatoid arthritis is a disease that causes arthritis to become painful, stiff, and swollen. This disease caused by autoimmune disorders most often attacks the hands, wrists, feet and knees. Well, people with rheumatism are certainly allowed to fast, but should not be done carelessly. Here are recommendations and rheumatism restrictions during the fasting month that you need to pay attention to.

Fasting tips for rheumatism

Complying with the following recommendations helps prevent rheumatic symptoms from getting worse during fasting. Here are some things you need to apply during the fasting month, namely:

1. Regular exercise

Guide to Healthy Fasting for People With Rheumatic Disease

Rheumatism causes joint pain, a weak body, even difficult to get up and move. Especially in the fasting month, not infrequently people make this an excuse to reduce and even stop daily physical activity. However, taking too long without doing anything will only make the symptoms of rheumatism worse.

Regular exercise in the fasting month is highly recommended for rheumatic patients. Doing light exercise such as yoga and tai chi is enough to help relieve rheumatic symptoms. In addition, you can also do a variety of fun, relaxing sports such as cycling and relaxing walks in the neighborhood around the house

Doing flexibility exercises such as stretching your chest, abdomen, hips and legs can also help prevent joints becoming stiffer.

2. Maintain dental and oral hygiene

Guide to Healthy Fasting for People With Rheumatic Disease

Rheumatism increases your risk of gum disease. Maintaining clean teeth and mouth while fasting also helps reduce the risk of bad breath. Therefore, try to maintain dental and oral hygiene by routinely brushing your teeth after dawn and before going to bed.

Aside from brushing your teeth, you can perfect the process of cleaning your teeth by using a dental floss to remove the remaining food that sticks between your teeth. No less important, using mouthwash can also prevent dental plaque and help keep your breath fresh during fasting.

3. Eating foods that are good for rheumatism

Guide to Healthy Fasting for People With Rheumatic Disease

Although rheumatism cannot be cured completely, certain foods and drinks have been proven to be effective against inflammation, strengthening bones, and enhancing people's immune systems with rheumatism. The following are various foods and drinks that are good for rheumatism:

  • Catfish, tuna and mackerel because they contain omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Soybeans like tofu, tempeh, or edamame because they are rich in protein and low in fat.
  • Low-fat dairy products like yogurt because they contain vitamin D and calcium which can strengthen bones.
  • Broccoli containing sulforaphane to slow the development of osteoarthritis.
  • Green tea because it contains antioxidants that help block the production of molecules that cause joint damage in rheumatism.

Abstinence from arthritis when fasting

Apart from the above-mentioned healthy fasting suggestions, there are some rheumatoid taboos that you need to obey for better health conditions. Check out the various rheumatic taboos in the following fasting month.

1. Sleep or laze around all day

Guide to Healthy Fasting for People With Rheumatic Disease

Don't make fasting and rheumatism that you have as an excuse to laze around at home all day. If you are just sitting in the house for reasons of being tired and lazy, then you miss the benefits of morning sunshine.

Even though morning sunlight is very beneficial for people with rheumatism. Quoted from Healthgrades, vitamin D obtained from sunlight is very important for the immune system and most importantly helps relieve rheumatic symptoms. In addition, vitamin D is also used by the body to absorb calcium which can maintain your bone health.

Keeping bones healthy and strong during fasting can help you stay active throughout the day and certainly prevent rheumatic complications in the bones.

2. Eating too much sugar

Guide to Healthy Fasting for People With Rheumatic Disease

The second rheumatism challenge is to consume too much sugar. Fasting is synonymous with sweet foods and drinks, from compote to fruit ice. In fact, consuming excess sugar can increase the body's acidity, weaken the immune system, and also increase inflammation in the joints.

For arthritis people, excessive sugar can add to the symptoms of fatigue. Excessive fatigue can cause you to be lazy to move which can actually make the symptoms of rheumatism worse.

If you want to eat sweet foods, try to find alternative sugars. Honey and fruits can be a healthy alternative for rheumatoid sufferers who crave to eat sweet foods.

3. Smoking

Guide to Healthy Fasting for People With Rheumatic Disease

Quoted from research in Arthritis Research and Therapy, smoking can increase a person's risk factor for rheumatism. For people with rheumatism, smoking can worsen symptoms. S

In addition, smoking can also interfere with the effectiveness of the rheumatism treatment that you are taking. As a result, the treatment can be longer and in vain.

In fact, if one day you need surgery because of rheumatic complications, smoking can affect the process of anesthesia, drug metabolism, heart rate, breathing, and also blood pressure.

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