Going aboard during pregnancy, can you?

Going aboard during pregnancy, can you?

Going aboard during pregnancy, can you?


Riding a ship while pregnant, may or not? Maybe you who are pregnant have doubts if you have to travel far and use ships as transportation. Actually, can you or don't ride a ship during pregnancy? Is there an impact? How to make a boat trip comfortable?

Is it safe to ride a ship during pregnancy?

If you have a normal and healthy pregnancy, it's not a problem to get on a ship during pregnancy. But before traveling by boat, you should discuss this with the obstetrician. If you have a problem and a pregnancy disorder, a history of having given birth to a premature baby, or your current pregnancy is estimated to contain twins, then doctors usually don't allow you to board a ship. But if it does not exist, then there is no reason to forbid you from traveling by ship.

The age of pregnancy also affects whether or not you can take a ship during pregnancy. If your pregnancy is in its third trimester, it is better not to travel by boat.

Will riding a ship during pregnancy worsen my seasickness?

Take it easy, your pregnancy will not make your seasick symptoms worse or worse. Sea sickness that occurs when riding a ship during pregnancy is still due to the air and nausea in the ship that causes nausea, not because of your pregnancy. But if you are experiencing nausea and vomiting due to pregnancy (morning sickness) it is better not to travel by boat, or the symptoms that will occur are getting worse.

To reduce seasickness, you can be able to eat soft foods or drinks with a ginger aroma, avoid foods that are high in gas because it will only make you more nauseous. In addition, it is better to be on the deck or center of the ship than on the edge of the ship.

How to make a trip by ship during pregnancy comfortable?

Don't forget to prepare soft foods and drinks for consumption while on a ship. In addition to preventing you from feeling seasick, snacks can also block the sudden feeling of hunger. Also make sure to bring drugs that can treat you when seasick. It is better if the medicines taken are medicines given from your personal doctor, so it is safe for consumption by pregnant women. Before you board a ship, also check whether inside the ship there is a medical team that is alert to handling emergency events on the trip.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), trips with marine vessels are vulnerable to infectious diseases, because of the large number of passengers and closed and limited environments. Therefore it is better for you to make sure that you are in a fit and fit state when traveling by ship, so that you are not easily infected with viruses or bacteria.

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