Glad to listen to the song troubled? Apparently, this is the benefit

Glad to listen to the song troubled? Apparently, this is the benefit

Glad to listen to the song troubled? Apparently, this is the benefit


Glad to listen to the song troubled? Apparently, this is the benefit

When you are heartbroken or down, it feels like the mood isn't supportive to hear cheerful songs. We choose to sink into sadness by listening to songs that are upset or mellow. However, is the song troubled really the right choice to be heard when the mental condition is down?

The benefit of listening to a song that is upset

Music expert, Kay Norton, in his research in 2014 revealed that lively music with sad lyrics is a favorite to listen to when breaking up because it can describe our sadness.

Listening to songs is upsetting not only makes us dissolve in sadness, but also removes sadness. Through these sad song lyrics, we can release emotions.

"Music has the same form and also the same flow as human emotions. This type of music can encourage someone who is grieving to cry or express emotions in the right way for him, "Norton told the Medical Daily.

After we listen to a song that is upset or melancholic, we will feel relieved. A sense of joy will arise when feeling connected to the lyrics of the song and can make us free to imagine.

It's better than keeping sadness in your heart

Eliminating sadness in yourself is an important step in dealing with stress or losing something. It is precisely if we do not let the emotion overflow we will save the feeling of sadness, so that it emits negative emotions and makes the feeling of loss even greater.

Two researchers from Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany also have the same perception in examining the impact of listening to upset or sad songs on us. Their study (based on a survey of 770 people and published in the 2014 PLOS ONE journal), listening to songs upset can generate positive emotions, such as peace and tenderness.

"People listen to sad songs to feel comfortable and face feelings of confusion, but some also just listen to them for fun," said Liila Tarufii, one of the researchers told Today.

Tarufii added, "Sad songs have the potential to regulate negative moods and emotions, and provide entertainment. That is, sad songs can play a role in someone's happiness. "

The psychological influence caused by the upset song

When you listen to songs that may be popular on radio or TV, you will feel some of the following effects as quoted from Psychology Today.

  1. Beautiful melancholy songs can be a good tool for expressing your sad expression. A theory reveals when your negative emotions arise, such as sadness, there is a mechanism in the brain that is triggered to inhibit the reaction from feeling displeased. So your feelings of sadness will not drag on.
  2. Music listeners realize the difference between reality and what is depicted in songs. This difference allows the listener to feel negative emotions in his mind, without making him behave negatively.
  3. When listening to sad songs, the listener will express his expression by releasing the sadness he feels. Not with a negative action, but can reflect or then ask for help from others to encourage him.
  4. By encouraging us to reflect on ourselves, upset songs can help listeners use positive judgments to solve problems and improve personal maturity.
  5. Songs upset or sad can affect the listener out of the problems or difficulties he is facing. Feeling traumatized or sad when listening to a song upset, will remind him that he had faced a worse problem and in fact he was still fine.
  6. Along with feeling sad, melancholic music can make the listener get positive emotions such as feelings of affection and empathy. These feelings can make the listener behave well and positively, and make him satisfied because it can escape the feeling of sadness.

Don't hear too long

Even though listening to sad songs can make you feel more comfortable, you shouldn't listen too long to this troubled song. When you feel better, immediately listen to songs that are more fun.

Relationship expert Susan Winter says that listening to the songs sung by Adele can help us get up.

"Adele realized that love is a long-lasting gift. But also the lyrics of the song contain expressions of gratitude and hope that our ex-spouse will be happy in his new life even without us, "Winter said.

Winter said, trying to feel the wisdom of the sadness we experience can also help us to be calmer and easier to move to a new phase.

"By listening to positive and happy songs, happiness will increase," he said.

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