Girls Victims of Violence At Risk Have Autistic Children

Girls Victims of Violence At Risk Have Autistic Children

Girls Victims of Violence At Risk Have Autistic Children


Girls Victims of Violence At Risk Have Autistic Children

Violence that occurs in women is still high, even until now WHO data shows that at least 1 in 3 women must have experienced physical /sexual /emotional violence in their lives. About 15 to 75 percent of the total women in the world have violent experiences, whether physical, sexual, or emotional violence.

This level of violence against women will cause various problems for these groups of women, those around them, and even influence the next generation. Women who experience violence are at risk of experiencing mental, physical, reproductive health problems, and even death. One of the effects of violence against women is the risk of having children with autism.

Violence of women increases the risk of having an autism child

This statement arises from the results of research conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health. The study involving as many as 50,000 women whose data was taken from Nurses' Health Study II interviewed all respondents regarding the history of violence they had experienced when they were young. The questions given were whether they had been beaten hard to bruised, beaten using tools and sharp objects, given cruel punishment, scolded in very rude and insulting words. The researcher also asked if they had also been sexually abused.

Then the results obtained from the study are that more women who have experienced violence have more autistic children than women who have not experienced any violence when they were small. Not only is the experience of serious violence making women at risk of having children with autism later on, but women who have experienced moderate-level violence are also at risk of having children with autism.

As many as 60% of women who have experienced moderate and serious emotional and physical violence have more children with autism. Not only that, the researchers concluded that emotional and physical violence received by women can increase the risk of 3.5 times higher for having autistic children, than women who never experience violence.

What is autism? And what's the cause?

Autism is a syndrome that attacks children, even when children are very early. Children who experience autism will find it difficult to get along, socialize, communicate with others, and often speak in languages ​​that are not understood. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention it is known that 1 out of every 68 children has at least autism.

Until now it is not known exactly what causes autism syndrome in children, but experts say that genetic factors and environmental factors play a role in this event. Genetic factors are disorders and problems in the child's genetics and cause changes in genes, while the environmental factors in question are disorders and complications that occur during pregnancy or viral infections experienced by the mother.

How can a history of violence against mothers make children have autism?

Experts say there are a number of possibilities that cause these two things to be related. Women who have had violent experiences tend to have a weak immune system, various health problems, and problems when responding to stress that can even affect the health of the next generation. From the results of these studies it is also known that women who experience violence when they are younger are more frequent and many who experience disorders and problems in their pregnancy.

This is because these women are very vulnerable to stress and have a weak immune system. Violence experienced by these groups makes it difficult for them to respond to stress properly so that when they experience stress during pregnancy, the body cannot quickly overcome it and eventually complicates pregnancy. Meanwhile, pregnancy complications are one of the risk factors that might cause autism in children. In addition, mental disorders that occur in mothers due to a history of violence that has been experienced can also be lowered to their children - so that children are at risk of experiencing mental disorders, including autism.


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