Get pregnant Know Your Upper Arm Circles First

Get pregnant Know Your Upper Arm Circles First

Get pregnant Know Your Upper Arm Circles First


Get pregnant Know Your Upper Arm Circles First

Are you planning to get pregnant in the near future? Women who want to get pregnant must pay attention to several things such as nutritional status and their health status. Normal nutritional status is very important for women who want to get pregnant, because it minimizes the possibility of complications during pregnancy. Even the nutritional status of women before pregnancy can determine the nutritional status of the child until he is an adult.

However, nutritional status is not only measured by weighing and measuring height, it can also be known from the size of one's upper arm circumference, or which is often referred to as the size of the LiLA.

Knowing the size of your upper arm circumference is important for those of you who want to get pregnant

LiLA measurements are a way of measuring to determine nutritional status and whether a person has chronic energy deficiency (KEK) or not. Unlike weight that can change in a fast time, the size of a LiLA requires a long time to change. Therefore LiLA is used to measure the nutritional status of the past.

LiLA is indeed more common in women of childbearing age and pregnant women. This is because LiLA is considered an efficient and effective measurement method to determine the risk of chronic energy deficiency which is more common in women, especially pregnant women.

Why is the measurement of LiLA important for women who want to get pregnant?

As mentioned earlier that LiLA is a measure of knowing the risk of SEZ in a woman and pregnant woman. Chronic energy deficiency (SEZ) is a nutritional problem caused by lack of food intake for a long time, a number of years. The normal value limit set by the Indonesian Ministry of Health for measuring LiLA is 2.35 cm. If a woman or pregnant woman has a LiLA of less than 23.5 cm then it is considered that her nutritional status is lacking and has a KEK.

Meanwhile, if SEZ is experienced by a pregnant woman, it will have a negative impact on her and her fetus. Pregnant women who have SEZ are at risk of experiencing various complications of pregnancy such as miscarriage, not maximal fetal growth, difficulties in childbirth, birth defects, low birth weight babies, and even infant mortality at birth.

Fat on the arm is needed by women if they want to get pregnant

Measurements of LiLA describe muscle tissue and a layer of subcutaneous fat or subcutaneous fat in a woman's upper arm. Subcutaneous fat is fat that functions as a reserve of energy in the body. When the energy obtained from sugar has run out, but the body still needs energy to perform its bodily functions, the fat under this skin which will be converted into sugar then becomes the basic ingredient of energy.

When a woman has a small upper arm circumference, this indicates that she does not have good fat reserves. Even though this fat reserve is very much needed during pregnancy. The energy needed when a pregnant woman increases from her needs before becoming pregnant. With the fat reserves in LiLA preventing pregnant women from experiencing a lack of energy.

Then, how do you measure LiLA?

Before planning a pregnancy, you should first know what your upper arm circumference is. You can find out and measure your own upper arm circumference using a sewing meter - even though it's better to use a special LiLA tape. To measure it, ask for help from a partner or other person and do the following:

  1. Determine which arm will be measured. If you use your right hand as the dominant hand in carrying out daily activities, then the LiLA measurement is done on the left arm. So is the opposite.
  2. Then, bend your arms to form your elbows. Measure the length of the upper arm, from the shoulder bone to the elbow. Then mark the midpoint of the upper arm length.
  3. Circle the tape band at the specified midpoint, but not too tight and too loose around it.
  4. Then read the numbers printed on the meter and you also know the size of your LiLA.

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