Football Can Be A Healthy Therapy For Women Hypertension

Football Can Be A Healthy Therapy For Women Hypertension

Football Can Be A Healthy Therapy For Women Hypertension


Football is one of the most popular sports in all circles. Men or women of any age are fond of sports performed on this team. Apparently, not only fun and fun, football basically has several benefits for the body, especially for women who have high blood pressure (hypertension). What are the benefits of soccer for women with hypertension? See the explanation below

Benefits of playing soccer for hypertensive women

Starting from the World Cup in 2014 and in Brazil, it turned out to have a good impact on women or mothers aged 35 to 50 years. This is due to research for women at this age, especially for those who have high blood pressure.

Research conducted by Professor Peter Krustrup of the University of Southern Demark and the Football Association in Denmark found that there are healthy benefits from playing soccer for women who have high blood pressure.

The study, also published in the Journal of Medicine and Science, outlines several beneficial effects such as the relationship of heart rate, stamina, and strength of female participants. In addition, playing soccer for women can also improve moods, support socialization, and support the health of women who play soccer.

This 15-week study of soccer for women has had a positive impact on their bodies. Apparently, the systolic (upper) and diastolic (lower) blood pressure is reduced by 12/6 mmHg. In addition, fat levels in the body also decreased by 2.3 kg.

In addition to the impressive effects on blood pressure and body composition, Professor Krustrup also saw a decrease in cholesterol and a large increase in physical fitness due to soccer practice. The final results also show that running around chasing the ball together is the right way to lower blood pressure. This is as effective as taking medication to lower blood pressure for those who have high blood pressure problems.

However, playing soccer cannot replace the consumption of medicines from a doctor or make you neglect to maintain a healthy diet that is friendly to the heart and blood vessels.

In addition, this sport can also be used for several types of related diseases. Among them can prevent type 2 diabetes and heart attacks.

Balance football with the following actions to control blood pressure

1. Keep your weight within the ideal range

Being overweight or obese can increase your risk of hypertension. Therefore, losing weight if you are obese needs to be done so that blood pressure is more controlled. To check whether your weight is ideal or even classified as obese, check at or in this link.

2. Adjust your diet

Food can affect your blood pressure. For that, you should keep your food intake. Expand your intake of vegetables, fruits, foods that are low-fat protein sources (such as fish, tofu and tempeh), and grains (such as wheat). Choose low-fat dairy products and limit your intake of foods that contain saturated fats and trans fats, such as fried foods and junk food.

3. Limit salt or sodium intake

Reducing consumption of foods that contain high salt or sodium can help you control blood pressure. Limit your sodium intake to only 2,400 mg, equivalent to 6 grams of salt (about one teaspoon). Reduce additional salt in your food and limit consumption of high-sodium foods, such as packaged foods, canned foods, and processed foods (frozen foods).

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