Foods That Have Been Passed By Flies, Can They Still Be Eaten?

Foods That Have Been Passed By Flies, Can They Still Be Eaten?

Foods That Have Been Passed By Flies, Can They Still Be Eaten?


Most people may already know and understand that flies are carriers of disease. However, there are still people who just ignore eating the food that has been infested by the fly. there are also those who just throw away some of the food that has been infested with flies. The reason is, it's redundant. Actually, can we or not eat food in flies?

The food is infested with flies, is it still suitable to eat?

Almost everyone knows that flies are carriers of disease and animals that like to land in dirty places. However, many are not aware of the real danger of food contamination due to the "visit" of the fly even a fraction of a second.

According to insects, even though many people are more disgusted with cockroaches, it turns out that flies are even more dirty than cockroaches. In fact, 1 fly can carry around 300 more types of viruses, bacteria and parasites that cause disease. Some examples of germs that come with flies when dropping in on your lunch plate include:

  • E.colli
  • Helicobacter pylori
  • Salmonella
  • Rotavirus
  • Hepatitis A virus

The World Health Organization (WHO) also states that there are many diseases caused by flies, such as:

  • Dysentery
  • Diarrhea
  • Typhoid fever or typhoid
  • Kolera
  • Eye infections
  • Skin infections

Most bacteria and germs are on the wings and legs of flies. So, just by sitting on items 1-2 seconds, your food has been contaminated with germs.

Even though germs can only live for several hours on the surface of the food, but when you directly eat it, germs can quickly multiply in the body and cause infection.

Not only that. One fly that sits on food is enough to make you sick. So, there is no need to wait until the fly colony is clustered on your food. We recommend that you immediately dispose of the food and replace it with a new one.

Foods That Have Been Passed By Flies, Can They Still Be Eaten?

How do you keep the food from flies and keep it clean?

The most important thing to prevent food from being caught by flies is by maintaining food and the surrounding environment. The reason is that the environment is dirty - like trash cans, carcasses, to traces of stale food - is a place to live and nest to breed for flies.

Don't forget to always cover food if you're not eating. Place food in containers that can be tightly closed. This action will prevent contaminated food and keep it clean.

WHO also recommends always throwing trash in its place and try to keep the trash can in your house always closed. So, the fly doesn't have the chance to land on it.

Also make sure that you always process food by noticing the cleanliness of the kitchen and yourself. Make it a habit to always wash your hands with running water and soap so that your hands are always clean when touching food.

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