Flu pain but not healed? Maybe You Got Two Types of Flu at Once

Flu pain but not healed? Maybe You Got Two Types of Flu at Once

Flu pain but not healed? Maybe You Got Two Types of Flu at Once


Flu pain but not healed? Maybe You Got Two Types of Flu at Once

During the rainy season, be careful of the influenza viruses that are hanging around. If your immune system is down, you will easily get a cold, cough, fever, and a few other symptoms associated with the flu. As if these symptoms have not been enough to interfere, you may not recover even after seeing a doctor. Well, it could be that you have two types of flu at the same time. Is it possible? Come on, see the full review below.

Is it possible to get two types of flu simultaneously?

So far there are around 200 types of chains (serotypes) that can cause flu, most commonly caused by rhinovirus. Although rhinovirus is widely known as the culprit of flu, but until now there has not been a powerful weapon that can cure flu in a short time.

If you have one flu and cough a cold during the rainy season, does this mean you have two types of flu at the same time? According to Dr. Brenna Velker, a family doctor from the University of Western Ontario, may have two rhinovirus infections simultaneously. It's just that the symptoms of the two flu do not come together. Because, each infection has an incubation period, which is the time span between exposure to the appearance of symptoms, which is different.

Four days after the first flu virus infection, the immune system will produce antibodies to destroy viruses that try to infect cells in the body. When one type of flu has not fully recovered, the body's reaction to other flu viruses depends on the condition of the immune system, whether it is in a healthy condition or being vulnerable. When in a vulnerable condition, other types of flu will easily infect and both will blend in the body.

This double infection is referred to as superinfection . When two chains of viruses infect someone, these viruses can be interconnected and exchange genetic material called the recombination process. As a result, the immune system will be forced to work harder to fight the infection. This is why you may have felt a cold that never subsided for months.

What makes the flu go away?

First , the air gets colder because of the weather. In winter, people will be more at home or office than hanging around outside. As a result, the flu virus will only spin in the house or office so that it easily infects the closest people.

Second , flu viruses are more stable in cold temperatures. So that this virus can last longer so it can easily infect humans and spread to many people.

Third , the effect of exposure to the surrounding environment. For example, children are susceptible to the flu while in school because it can be contracted from her classmates. Then, he will carry the flu virus into the home so that the risk of infecting other family members.

So, how do you reduce the risk of getting two types of flu?

Flu viruses are very easily transmitted and can stick to the surface of the body for hours. Not to mention you may not be aware when coughing or sneezing and even close your mouth with your hands. Well, this habit is the easiest method of transmission of the virus to others, especially through handshake.

To reduce the chain of flu transmission that is not over, you need to pay attention to your level of personal hygiene by routinely washing your hands. Stop the habit of closing your mouth when sneezing or coughing with your hands. It's best to point to coughing or sneezing on your inner elbow or armpit.

Also, pay attention to the flu symptoms that are felt. If you have a fever of up to 38.5 degrees Celsius, weakness, and symptoms last up to 10 to 14 days, immediately visit a doctor. More importantly, you don't need antibiotics to treat colds and colds.

Take the distance from a colleague or family who is on the flu to minimize the risk of transmission. Don't forget, take care of your health by eating flu-fighting foods and getting enough rest.

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