Flirting With Swiping Genitals (Petting), Are There Risks To Health?

Flirting With Swiping Genitals (Petting), Are There Risks To Health?

Flirting With Swiping Genitals (Petting), Are There Risks To Health?


Flirting With Swiping Genitals (Petting), Are There Risks To Health?

Sexual intercourse does not only involve penile penetration. Many couples are ahead of their lovemaking sessions by making out each other to fuel their passion. Swiping each other's genitals aka petting is one activity that might be a "warm up" favorite of a number of couples.

Every sexual activity has its own risks. What about petting? The following is complete information.

Petting is warming up before sex

Petting is a term that includes many different sex activities to achieve sexual pleasure without even penetrating. Petting is often called making out (dry out) or dry humping (frottage), aka "sex without opening clothes".

Petting can include giving and /or receiving hickey, kissing, biting, licking, and sexual touch on the partner's body such as fingering, massaging, stroking, squeezing, until nipple stimulation with the mouth or hands. Stimulating the clitoris or penis by hand is also often classified as make-up activity. Using sex toys also includes petting, for many couples. More specifically, the people of Indonesia relate the term petting to the activities of rubbing each other's genitals.

Petting can be done in full dress, half-half (stimulation is done behind clothes), or even mutually naked. Regardless of whether or not there are clothes that are still attached to the body, petting does not involve penetrating the penis anywhere - whether inserted into the vagina, into the anus (anal sex), or into the mouth (oral sex).

For many couples, petting is an "appetizer" alias for penetration before penetration to reach a climax. However, there are also many couples who can orgasm just by making out.

Flirting With Swiping Genitals (Petting), Are There Risks To Health?

Is petting at risk for health?

In general, petting is a sex activity that has the lowest risk of transmission of venereal and pregnancy diseases when compared to penile penetration sex (oral, vaginal, or anal).

However, the risk of petting itself depends on what you do, how to do it, and whether you or your sex partner is free of infectious diseases. So, we better peel one by one the example to be clearer.

If you are both clean of venereal and flirting diseases (wear clothes or not), whether by feeling, kissing, nipple stimulation, picking up or rubbing each other's genitals, there will certainly be no transmission of infectious diseases. Except maybe if you or your partner is sick with a cold or mumps, kissing can transmit the disease.

Another story is if one party has a sexually transmitted disease. This is what must be really considered. Because, many sexually transmitted diseases that can change hands through body fluids such as saliva, vaginal fluid, and semen, also through direct contact with injured skin or with warts. Syphilis, gonorrhea, and herpes are one of the diseases that can be transmitted through oral and touch of this skin.

Flirting With Swiping Genitals (Petting), Are There Risks To Health?

When you touch the thrush of oral herpes signs in the partner's mouth, for example, or touch his genital warts during oral sex or handjob (manual stimulation by hand; either to the vagina or penis), then move to hold the genitals or other parts of the body itself will risk transferring the disease to your body.

Likewise with rubbing each other's genitals without using a condom. Infected semen can drip and touch the vaginal skin, even into it - enough to transmit venereal disease.

But if petting (rubbing each other's genitals) is done with both of them still fully clothed, the risk of disease transmission is small. This is because body fluids will dry out quickly when they meet with clothing. Sperm cannot penetrate the fabric, and any virus or bacteria contained in it will die quickly.

What about the risk of pregnancy?

The risk of pregnancy from petting, making out, or dry humping is fairly small - especially if it's done still dressing with each other. Sperm cannot penetrate cloth. Sperm also cannot penetrate the pores of a woman's skin and cause pregnancy.

The chance to get pregnant from this activity only increases when two people who are involved together are naked and the man ejaculates outside (near the vaginal opening) so that it is very possible that semen drips in and finally the sperm swim to meet the egg , which then leads to pregnancy.

Also remember that female external ejaculation (for example on the face or chest) can also risk the transfer of venereal disease infections from semen when attached to open wounds on a woman's body.

Watch out too much!

One petting risk that might be ignored is "too much". Petting activities, whatever you do, usually don't use condoms. Some types of activities are safe to do without condoms, such as squeezing breasts, hugging, massaging and caressing.

However, the passion and pleasure that continues to increase during this flirting session can make you and your partner complacent until they forget themselves. In the end, it is not impossible for you both to unconsciously open your clothes and engage in penetration sex before you use condoms. This is what can double the risk of transmission of venereal disease or even unwanted pregnancies.

What is safe petting?

Even though it doesn't involve penetration, you still need to be careful. The things that need to be done to ensure you and your partner stay safe during petting are:

  • Know your partner including your partner's sexual history.
  • Don't share sex toys without washing them first.
  • Make sure your hands are clean of body fluids (saliva, semen, vaginal fluids) when touching your own body or partner.
  • Don't change partners.
  • Make sure to use condoms or dental dams for oral sex.

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