First Aid When Someone Is Difficult to Breathe

First Aid When Someone Is Difficult to Breathe

First Aid When Someone Is Difficult to Breathe


Difficulty breathing can occur due to various things, such as lack of oxygen or changes in air pressure. Breathing difficulties is a disorder of the function of the respiratory system. This usually happens because someone has an asthma attack. But there are also other things that make it difficult for you to breathe. Then what can cause difficulty breathing? How do you do first aid for people who can't breathe?

Difficulty breathing other than an asthma attack

Things that might result in the cessation of respiratory function can occur due to drowning in water, being shocked by electricity (electric shock), mostly inhaling smoke containing carbon monoxide, being exposed to chemicals, falling hard, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, etc.

First aid for people who can't breathe

1. Check the respiratory tract

Check and make sure that the airway is not blocked. To find out, open the mouth of someone who has difficulty breathing to see if there is something else in the mouth or throat that can inhibit his breathing.

2. Check for gusts of air in his respiratory tract

Pay attention to the chest of the person who has difficulty breathing, is it still expanding and deflating or not. In addition, check for gusts of air in your nose and mouth using your fingers. This is done to find out the breath, still there or not. Also check the pulse on his wrist.

3. Give respiratory assistance

If someone cannot breathe because they are drowned, hit by an electric current, exposed to smoke and chemicals or for other reasons but their heart is still beating and pulsing, then do mouth to mouth breathing assistance.

However, if a person cannot breathe due to electric shock, before touching and making artificial breathing attempts by mouth, make sure that the contact of people who have difficulty breathing with the source of the electric current has been disconnected.

4. Move to open space where the air circulation is good

If there are gas and steam around people who have difficulty breathing, then you should move the victim to an open place and free and fresh air. Do not crowd around people who cannot breathe because this will inhibit the circulation of air around it.

If you find someone who has fainted from not being able to breathe, don't panic and immediately seek medical help. Then, give artificial breath.

5. Check the pulse

If you find someone fainting because of the things mentioned above, check if the pulse is still pulsing. If there is no pulse, give pulmonary heart resuscitation. If there are still beats, but don't breathe, then just give an artificial breath without a heart massage.

6. Help people who get anxious attacks or panic attacks to take a deep breath

The way is to bring people who are anxious or panic attacks to places that are quiet and have good air circulation. Then, guide the person to breathe slowly, for example by counting one to ten slowly.

Try not to give instructions that are too complicated or at length. Speak in simple, calm sentences.

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