Extending the Benefits of Soybeans that He Says Can Make Strong Bones

Extending the Benefits of Soybeans that He Says Can Make Strong Bones

Extending the Benefits of Soybeans that He Says Can Make Strong Bones


Soybeans are one source of vegetable protein which has many health benefits. One of the benefits of soybeans recently discovered by researchers at the University of Missouri, Columbia, is its ability to make bones strong and dense. So, how effective are these soybeans for bone health?

The benefits of soybeans are able to make strong bones

Extending the Benefits of Soybeans that He Says Can Make Strong Bones

Experts state that the benefits of soy are very good for menopausal women. Because, after menopause women will experience many physical changes, one of the bone loss will be faster. Not to mention the increasing weight, this will worsen the bone health of women who are menopausal and eventually at risk of osteoporosis.

This has been proven in a study involving animals as experimental subjects. In the study, it was found that rats given food from soybeans tended to have strong bones and good digestion, compared to mice that did not eat soybeans.

Therefore, many say the benefits of soybeans are very good for bone health.

How much soy should you eat so the bones are strong?

To get the benefits of this soybeans, of course you have to consume soy-based foods regularly. Actually, there really isn't a specific benchmark for how much you have to eat in order to get strong bones.

However, you can consume this vegetable protein source according to the daily requirements recommended by the Ministry of Health. In the Nutrition Needs Number from the Ministry of Health, adults need 2-4 servings of vegetable protein a day, equivalent to 4-8 pieces of tempeh or tofu.

Another thing that can make bones strong

Extending the Benefits of Soybeans that He Says Can Make Strong Bones

Of course, if you want to get strong, solid, and healthy bones, you have to apply other good things, not just eat soybeans. Well, the following ways can help you get strong and dense bones.

Eat lots of vegetables

Vegetables are very good for bone mineral density. Vegetables that contain vitamin C for example can stimulate the production of bone-forming cells.

In addition, antioxidants in vitamin C are also able to protect bone cells from damage caused by free radicals. Meanwhile, green and yellow vegetables are also good for improving bone mineralization during childhood and maintaining bones in young adults.

Carry out weight training

Strength training such as lifting weights helps build and maintain bones to stay strong. In addition, this exercise can also increase bone mineral density, bone strength and size, and reduce inflammation in the bones.

That way, this exercise can protect you from the risk of bone loss, including in people who have osteoporosis, osteopenia, and breast cancer.

Fulfill daily vitamin D and vitamin K

One of the important things to get strong bones is meeting the needs of vitamin D and vitamin K. Vitamin D plays a role in absorbing calcium, which makes bones rich in calcium and ultimately strong.

To get vitamin D, you only need to do outdoor activities so that it is exposed to sunlight. Yes, the sun is the main source of vitamin D.

While vitamin K plays an important role in the process of bone formation. Well, you can get vitamin K from various foods such as green leafy vegetables (broccoli, spinach, mustard greens, chives, cauliflower, cabbage, cucumber, asparagus, lettuce), beans (edamame, soybeans, peanuts), oil vegetables, milk and processed products (cheese, milk, yogurt, butter), to meat and eggs

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