Don't False Choose the Bra Size! Here's the Impact For Breasts

Don't False Choose the Bra Size! Here's the Impact For Breasts

Don't False Choose the Bra Size! Here's the Impact For Breasts


When you want to buy a new bra, you may be faced with various types of bra choices. Starting from the material satin, lace, and cotton to the push-up or wire-free model. Although choosing bra models and ingredients is important, there is one thing you should not miss, which is adjusting the size of the bra that best fits your breasts.

Wearing the right size bra will certainly be able to support your breasts and improve your posture. Then what will happen if you choose the wrong bra size? It turns out the impact can be felt in parts of the body other than the breast, you know. What are the effects? Find out below!

What is wrong if you use the bra size?

Incorrect use of bra size will certainly make you uncomfortable. The bra will easily sag if the size is oversized. You can also nipples stand out if the size is too small.

In addition, a wrong size bra can cause health complaints such as headaches, back pain, shoulder pain, chest pain, and others. How can? Well, here are some things that can happen if you use a bra size.

Back pain

Bra that is too small will make your bra too tight. As a result, your bra will put pressure on the back bone which causes back pain.

While a bra that is too loose will not support your chest well. For people who have large breasts, the result is that the back muscles must work harder all day to hold the weight of the breast. This can cause pain.

Shoulder and neck pain

Bra straps that are too tight will also put pressure on the shoulders. The pressure from this shoulder can rise to the neck causing severe pain. Therefore, when choosing a bra, try adjusting the length of the strap.


Using a bra that doesn't fit properly can cause a lack of support for the cleavage. This makes the neck muscles and muscles of the upper back have to work harder to support the breast load.

As a result, the neck works too much so that it can cause headaches, known as back headaches or cervicogenic headaches.

Chest pain

An overly tight bra can cause chest pain. This occurs because of the tension of the straps and the back of the bra in the muscle called the trapezius muscle. This muscle connects the shoulder and neck.

Overloading the area will cause continuous pressure, causing pain in the shoulder that eventually spreads to your chest and neck. In addition, the use of a bra size that is too tight risks making the muscles in the chest become depressed.

Sagging breasts

Using the wrong bra size, especially in sports bras, can increase the risk of disruption in the breast ligament. This can be characterized by pain around the breast and causes sagging breasts.

Because, when you exercise, your breasts will bounce up and down according to your movements. Over time, the tissue around the breast can be weakened due to the movement. Therefore, using the right size sports bra can help support the breasts so that the movement does not damage the tissue.

Skin problems

Incorrect bra size can also cause blisters or irritation to the skin around the breast, especially if the size is too small and very tight around the breast.

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