Don't Bribe Children with Junk Food or Chocolate So They Want to Eat Rice, It's the Danger

Don't Bribe Children with Junk Food or Chocolate So They Want to Eat Rice, It's the Danger

Don't Bribe Children with Junk Food or Chocolate So They Want to Eat Rice, It's the Danger


Parents often have to mess with children who are fussy when eating, whether it's because children have to eat foods that they don't like or because their father-mother forces them to eat. As a solution, it is not uncommon for many parents to choose 'bribe' their children with candy, chocolate or junk food so that the child is not fussy and wants to eat. But did you know that bribing a child to eat can endanger his health later?

The danger of bribing children to eat with sugary snacks

Bribing a child to eat can encourage the child to become addicted to fast food at a very young age. This is reinforced by the findings of the study that 58 percent of mothers believe their children have been addicted to sweet snacks at the age of three. The study also revealed that 60 percent of children have been introduced to chocolate and sweets by their parents. Similarly, one in three parents admitted to facing a fussy child while eating with 'bribe' they use sweet snacks.

The conclusion was obtained after the researchers involved in this study interviewed 2,002 mothers of children aged 12 months to five years and found 26 percent of mothers let their babies eat chocolate before the age of 9 months and nearly half of the participants admitted giving babies those with sweet snacks at the age of 12 months. Worse, 61 percent of participants gave their babies with sweets every day.

Research conducted by a company producing baby vitamins also concludes that the main cause of this problem is that parents tend to use candy and chocolate to bribe their children, when the child is fussy when eating. 56 percent of parents think their children are still in a stage of fuss, while 23 percent of other parents think that their poor eating habits will disappear as they age.

What you have to do to "seduce" the child wants to eat, other than using snack benefits

According to the psychology of child Richard Woolfson, fuss and difficulty eating is a natural problem that occurs in children of that age. It is likely that this is the time for children to begin to 'assert themselves' about how to express specific food choices.

The only key to dealing with children who are fussy when eating is not to replace it with other foods. You must remain calm and do not overreact. Give your child time to spend the food, but if he still plays the food, take the plate and end the child's meal time. Don't worry, your child won't starve. Over time this phase will disappear by itself.

According to Richard Woolfson, the most feared thing is that if parents obey the child's behavior when fussy eat because children can learn quickly that picky food is one of the ways they can get parental attention and consequently people parents will find it increasingly difficult to encourage good eating habits for their children.

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