Does Using a Facial Mask Every Day Must Make Skin More Smooth?

Does Using a Facial Mask Every Day Must Make Skin More Smooth?

Does Using a Facial Mask Every Day Must Make Skin More Smooth?


Face masks may be one of your favorite skin care products. Because the face mask often promises facial skin to become more smooth and clean, especially more and more face mask products are sold on the market and attract the eyes of women. So promising can make facial skin smooth, most women choose to routinely use face masks every day. However, is it safe? What is the impact on facial health? Find out the facts through the following review.

What is the effect if you use a face mask every day?

According to Dr. Marie Nussbaum, an assistant professor of dermatology at Cornell Weill New York Hospital, face masks have a myriad of benefits to overcome various skin problems, such as dry skin, reddish skin, even to stubborn zits.

Not only that, the mask can also help maintain facial moisture, shrink pores, and remove dirt, oil, and the rest of the makeup that accumulates on the face.

According to the beauty doctor Kardiana Purnama Dewi, the main function of using a face mask is to increase the water content in the face and absorb excess oil. However, using a face mask for too long will actually have the opposite effect, which is to remove the face's natural moisture.

If you regularly use facial masks every day, this means that the mask will absorb oil on your face continuously, even absorbing natural oils on your skin. Especially if you have a dry skin problem, using a face mask every day actually makes the skin dry and eliminate the natural moisture of the face.

Instead of making it soft, using a mask every day instead makes the skin dry

The fact is, many are mistaken and assume that the efficacy of masks will be more optimal if applied for a long time for hours, even overnight.

Instead of restoring skin's moisture, this method will only make your beautiful skin dry out because it has been exposed to too much air mixed with the mask for too long.

Basically, the use and type of mask used depends on the type of skin you have. For example, you have combination skin that tends to be oily in the T-zone area and tends to dry on the cheeks.

Well, this combination skin problem can be relieved by using a clay mask, sheet mask, and sleeping mask. However, these masks are certainly not used every day in a row, just follow the rules stated on the product label.

Take a good note, this is the best time to use a face mask

Face masks should be used enough 1 to 2 times a week for 20 minutes . This is useful to provide an opportunity for your facial skin to breathe and maintain the balance of the oil so it is not excessive or too dry.

Before using a face mask, be sure to always read the list of ingredients on the product label. If you find alcohol in the face mask that you choose, immediately switch to another product.

Because alcohol can make facial skin dry. In addition, at the same time, facial skin will produce a lot of oil to maintain the balance of oil in the skin. As a result, your skin will become oily and dry at the same time.

Even though you want to follow in the footsteps of famous celebrities with the habit of using face masks every day, remember that your skin type and routine are different. That is, the effect of using a face mask every day is certainly not guaranteed to happen to you.

So, just use a face mask one to two times a week and together with drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep. That way, you can get a bright, radiant facial skin all day long.

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