Development of Babies at 47 Weeks

Development of Babies at 47 Weeks

Development of Babies at 47 Weeks


Development of Babies at 47 Weeks

Development of infants aged 47 weeks

What should be the development of the baby at week 47?

In the third week of the 12th month, the baby is able:

  • Take a small object with your thumb and forefinger. As always, get rid of dangerous objects out of reach of children
  • Stand for a while
  • Say "chest" or "mama" at a certain time
  • Say other than "mama" or "chest"

Because he has now begun to understand, this is the time to start teaching babies how to help. Make it a habit to say "please" and "thank you", and make the activity of tidying up toys fun by making them a game. Even though it's possible he still doesn't understand, it doesn't hurt to start. Divide the task into very small parts.

At this age, he needs you to work with him by his side. You can also help babies make connections between objects and their names - the more you do it, the faster the vocabulary will grow. Continue to talk to the baby and label things. Count each step you go up the stairs, and tell the names and colors of fruits and vegetables on the market. Read a picture book and have the baby show the name of the object he knows. Ask him to argue occasionally. Ask if he wants to wear red or blue socks, or whether he wants to play with cube or overlapping rings. Just give two choices, both of which are correct. He might not answer, but it might surprise you too.

Health for babies aged 47 weeks

What do I need to discuss with the doctor at week 47?

Most doctors don't check babies this month, because babies at this age are not happy to be held during visits. Babies who are afraid of strangers may also not like doctors, even though that includes being warm and friendly. Contact your doctor if there are problems that cannot be waited until the next visit.

Caring for babies aged 47 weeks

There are a number of things you should know:

Sucking thumbs

Baby thumb suckers are using healthy mechanisms and trying to calm themselves. This is a natural way of calming down babies, and is not dangerous. Experts agree that thumb sucking habits do not pose a risk to babies. Some people say that children can even suck their thumbs without affecting teeth until they are 2 years old, and most can do it safely even at 4-5 years of age, when permanent teeth begin to appear.


Dot is another good way for babies to calm themselves, but that doesn't mean it's better than sucking a thumb. Babies must rely on you to take back the pacifier if it falls from the box, for example, and the pacifier will disappear or become dirty. On the positive side, babies usually stop themselves using pacifiers. Some babies actually prefer to suck fingers, and if so, there is no other choice for you - the baby makes the choice.

What to Look For

What do you need to watch out for when your baby is 47 weeks old?

In the second week of the 12th month, you might be worried about a number of things. One of them is when babies see naked parents. Experts agree that until the preschool year, parental nudity will not affect the child at all. Of course, babies under a year are too young to be affected when they see their mother undressing or bathing together with her father. He was too young to remember a few years later what he had seen. However, it is believed that children aged 3-4 years should not see both parents naked.

If the baby is curious about what he sees and wants to touch pubic hair or pull your nipples, don't ban them. However, babies are usually still more interested in general body parts, such as the nose or ears (although he may be more interested in the private part because he has been covered in clothing). "This belongs to the mother" is a response that will help the baby begin to understand the concept of body ownership and privacy, and help keep his private parts closed so they won't feel guilty. This also applies to baby girls and for him it won't be a problem seeing his father naked.

How is the baby developing the next week?


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