Come on, Wash Your Face First! This Is The Danger For Mothers To Fall Asleep When Feeding Babies

Come on, Wash Your Face First! This Is The Danger For Mothers To Fall Asleep When Feeding Babies

Come on, Wash Your Face First! This Is The Danger For Mothers To Fall Asleep When Feeding Babies


Breastfeeding a good baby is done as often as possible following the baby's wishes. Therefore, the breastfeeding schedule is not always certain. Including if the baby wakes up in the middle of the night and starves. Tired of activities all day long might make you often fall asleep while nursing a baby. But be aware, falling asleep while breastfeeding your baby can endanger your baby's safety, you know!

Sleep one bed with a baby, is it safe?

This seems to be a debate. Night sleep in one bed with your baby can indeed make it easier for you to look after your baby at night. Especially if the baby often feeds at midnight, this can make it easier for you to give the baby midnight milk.

But in addition, sleeping with a baby in one bed can also increase the risk of sudden death or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Blankets, pillows, or maybe your hands can cover the baby's airway while you sleep without realizing it, so SIDS can occur. This is the thing that is feared.

Therefore, experts recommend that babies aged six months or lack of sleep in a room with you but in their own bed or baby box. In the baby's box you should not have blankets, pillows, dolls or toys that can block the baby's airway.

The danger is that you overslept when breastfeeding your baby

Midnight breastfeeding is tiring. Many of you may choose to put your baby to sleep next to you so that breastfeeding in the middle of the night is easier. However, when breastfeeding a baby at midnight you can fall asleep unconsciously because you are tired of taking care of the baby all day. This is certainly not good. Falling asleep during breastfeeding can increase the risk of SIDS.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you do not breastfeed and then fall asleep next to the baby. You can just roll over and hit the baby, this is a possibility. Fall asleep on a bed or on the couch can increase the chances of a baby falling or dying from shortness of breath when the airway is blocked.

Reported from the Baby Center, overslept on a couch or chair while carrying a baby (although not while breastfeeding) is very dangerous. This increases the risk of overheating and suffocation, so the baby can experience SIDS. This applies anytime, both at night and during the day. In essence, overslept when breastfeeding a baby or just carrying a baby on the couch is not good to do. Although it seems trivial, the risk of baby safety outweighs the benefits.

Don't let the baby fall asleep at the same time suckling

Babies who fall asleep at breastfeeding are also not good. If the baby continues to fall asleep while breastfeeding, this will be a bad habit for the baby. In addition, there may also be a risk of the baby being choked by the flow of milk. It's best to keep your baby awake before finishing breastfeeding, if the baby looks drowsy.

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