Causes of nails become yellowing and how to overcome them

Causes of nails become yellowing and how to overcome them

Causes of nails become yellowing and how to overcome them


Yellow nails can make you appear insecure. Apart from being caused by various diseases, diabetes, for example, yellow nails can also be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Then how do you deal with this yellowing nail? Are there any tips?

Causes of yellow nails that you may not realize

Nails are hard and dense tissue made from keratin proteim and dead epidermal cells. Nails take about six months to fully grow.

Like skin, nails also need to be exposed to oxygen to stay healthy. Keratin in the nails allows water to enter and moisturize the nails. Exfoliating, cracking and discoloration nails can be signs of health problems. Yellow nails can indicate symptoms of psoriasis or fungal infections, or can be caused by lung disease or smoking.

In many cases, yellow nails are simply the result of coloring due to contact with food or certain chemicals, such as nail polish. Yellow nails are the result of nails that absorb some of the pigment from the paint. Manufacturers of nail polish, often using iron oxide as a pigment in colored nail polish. Now this pigment can make nails turn yellow.

Can using base coat before using nail polish help?

The main reason for applying a clear base coat or protective nail polish before applying colored nail polish, is to form a surface even to even paint color. In some cases, the base coat can reduce the yellow color which is the result of exposure to the intermediate nail polish on the nail.

Tips so that the nails are no longer yellow

Here are the tips that you tried even though the effectiveness is not yet known.

  • Use whitening toothpaste

In an effort to remove stains quickly like pink nails due to using red nail polish, try rubbing with whitening toothpaste on your nails using a nail brush. Remember, this cannot be used for long-term nail stains.

  • Use Buffing

The top layer of your nails is where the yellow stain is. By rubbing your nail surface using a buffer, you will remove the top layer, while removing color stains. Although this method can be effective, buffing your nails with buffers is not recommended because it will weaken the nails. If you still choose to use buffers, try applying nail reinforcement paint afterwards.

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