Can We Repair Bodong Navels in Babies?

Can We Repair Bodong Navels in Babies?

Can We Repair Bodong Navels in Babies?


A navel navel in a baby, in fact it is common because of several conditions and other things. Starting from the umbilical cord that is sticky, then slowly the belly button appears on your baby. Sometimes, the navel that is already empty will be clearly visible at birth, but there are also new ones seen at the age of one year and above.

What is a navel belly?

Umbilical hernias or umbilical hernias occur when the intestines, fat, or fluid in the body pushes out through empty spots or holes in your baby's abdominal muscles. This will cause a bulge near or at the navel.

This navel may look like swollen or as if you want to get out of your baby's stomach. It's common if the baby's belly button is stumped, usually this does not result in health conditions that are so problematic, and will heal or disappear as your child grows.

What causes navel navel?

Navel or abdominal ring muscles, are tissues that form from blood vessels in the umbilical cord that enter the fetal body, and are also known as navel rings. This navel ring usually closes before the baby is born. If it does not close properly, the tissue or protrusion will come out through the ring, and finally the navel will be created.

During pregnancy, the testicles of the male fetus will expand on the stomach. Then, just before birth, the testicles will push themselves into a channel in the tissue between the groin and the stomach (inguinal canal). After finding a way, finally the testicles will descend into the scrotum sac and this is what causes the baby to be malignant.

In contrast to the baby girl, the ovary girls go down through the canal and into the pelvis. At that time, the wall of the abdomen must close so that the navel ringing hole is not opened which results in numbness. Stomach navel usually occurs in male babies about 5 percent more often than baby girls.

How do you deal with a stomach belly?

Actually, the navel in the navel will disappear when the child is between 3-5 years old. But many parents are worried about the condition of their baby's belly button. If you take your baby to the doctor, there are two things that the pediatrician might recommend.

First, if seen from the condition disturbs the development of the baby, or at least makes your child in pain, the doctor will recommend surgery through surgery. Surgery will aim to enter the intestine or tissue that is not closed properly. The surgical procedure is not usually recommended by the doctor, but can be needed to repair the hernia in the baby. Secondly, if there really are no serious health problems, the doctor will advise to leave it alone, because the navel will disappear by itself.

You can also do a baby belly button treatment that is easy to do at home. Just prepare sterile thick coins and gauze to overcome the baby's scum. The trick, first make sure the coins you want to use are clean, coat the gauze with an elongated shape. Place the coin right on the baby's belly button, wrap the string that is united with the coin to the baby's stomach area. You can tie or hold the coin gently or not too tight. Do it routinely, and don't forget to monitor and consult with experts related to the navel that protrudes out to your baby.

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