Can a Smoker Have a Blood Donation?

Can a Smoker Have a Blood Donation?

Can a Smoker Have a Blood Donation?


Anyone who decides to donate blood can be said to have successfully performed a noble task. Because there are at least one or even many lives that can be helped because of this activity. However, wait a minute, not just anyone can donate blood. Now, what if a smoker is a blood donor, is it okay?

Can a smoker take a blood donation?

Smoking is not an obstacle for you to donate blood, reported from the Healthline page. However, you are prohibited from smoking before making a blood donor.

The reason is that smoking can trigger an increase in blood pressure, which then actually makes your blood pressure increase sharply when you want to do a donor. You also are not allowed to continue blood donation.

Not just before blood donation, you are still not allowed to smoke for about three hours after making a donor. The reason is that you run the risk of experiencing dizziness, fatigue, and fainting from losing enough blood.

Can a Smoker Have a Blood Donation?

Pay attention to important conditions before a blood smoker is

In essence, a smoker who is blood donor is fine as long as he can really comply with the rules to avoid smoking for several hours before the donor. However, if you are tested it turns out that your body has not made it possible to make a blood donor, you can schedule it again to donate blood on another occasion.

While preparing your body condition and reducing your smoking habits, make sure you meet the following blood donor requirements from the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI):

  • Age 17-60 years old
  • Minimum body weight of 45 kg
  • Normal blood pressure (systolic 110/160 and diastolic 70/100)
  • Female hemoglobin levels of at least 12 g /dl, and men 12.5 g /dl
  • Normal body temperature
  • The distance of the donor is at least 3 months since the previous blood donor, and a maximum of 5 times a year

No need to worry about your body's readiness. Before you start donating blood, there are doctors and PMI officers who will check your body's condition first. Starting from weighing the body, measuring body temperature, pulse, blood pressure, and taking blood samples to determine hemoglobin levels.

You can also complete the results of the examination by giving knowledge to the officer about the health conditions that are being or have been experienced.

Can a Smoker Have a Blood Donation?

Conditions due to smoking that prevent blood donation

Even if a smoker is a blood donor, don't be happy first. Not that you can continue smoking while still regularly donating blood. Because later you might no longer meet the blood donor criteria because you have a disease caused by smoking.

Yes, smoking can lead to medical conditions that ultimately make your condition unfit for blood donation. Take for example, previously mentioned that smoking can trigger high blood pressure, even though normal blood pressure is an absolute requirement as a donor.

Next is cancer. You are strictly forbidden to donate if you have any type of cancer. New blood donors are allowed one year later after the health condition has improved slowly.

Heart and lung disease also prevents you from blood donation, you may need to give the following six months pause or according to the development of the body's condition to be able to donate.

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