Can People with Gallstones Exercise?

Can People with Gallstones Exercise?

Can People with Gallstones Exercise?


Can People with Gallstones Exercise?

Exercise is healthy and keeps your body in shape. However, in people with certain conditions there are many things that need to be considered before doing exercise, including gallstone disease. Actually, can people with gallstones exercise? If possible, what should be considered? Check out the following review.

Exercise can protect the health of the gallbladder

Reporting from Everyday Health, a study published in the 2016 Journal of Physical Activity and Health shows that exercise routines can protect and reduce a person's risk of developing a gallbladder disorder. Especially in sports that can have a big effect on body weight.

The gallbladder is an organ that is located between the liver and the duodenum. Its function is to store bile produced by the liver. Later, the liquid will be released into the intestine when you eat to help digest food. Bile fluid has salt that can break down fat.

Conversely, if you rarely exercise, are overweight, and like to eat fatty foods, various problems with bile can occur. For example, the gallbladder hypomotility (gallbladder movement becomes inactive), bile stastic (bile cannot flow normally), or the formation of cholesterol stones in bile (gallstones).

If you have had gallstones, can you exercise?

Research published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that cycling, gymnastics, jogging, swimming, tennis, and relaxing and brisk walking are the best forms of physical exercise to reduce the risk of problems with the gallbladder. The result is very good if exercise is carried out routinely with moderate intensity or according to the ability of the body.

Can People with Gallstones Exercise?

Rocks in bile formed from cholesterol that accumulate will crystallize. Some people have one or two stones, but usually do not cause symptoms (asymptomatic gallstones). While if the stone has caused a blockage, the symptoms that will appear, include:

  • Abdominal pain in the upper right
  • Right shoulder pain
  • Nausea or vomiting

Then, can people who have gallstones exercise? Reporting from Live Strong, people with asymptomatic gallstones may exercise routinely to lose weight so that the condition gets better.

Meanwhile, people who experience chronic symptoms, such as abdominal pain, should not exercise until the symptoms disappear. Because exercise will cause more severe pain so the body must rest a lot. If symptoms don't disappear within 5 hours, you should immediately contact a doctor.

If you want to exercise and live a healthy life, treat gallstones in the right way

Can People with Gallstones Exercise?

Treating gallstones can be done in various ways. In some cases, this condition can be cured with drugs, such as ursodiol or chenodiol. This drug is proven to be able to dissolve and deplete petrified cholesterol. However, this treatment is only potentially good in people who have small cholesterol stones.

In addition, cholesterol rock can also be solved by extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy (ECSWL). That is, sending shock waves through soft tissue in the body. This treatment is usually successful for treating cholesterol stones in children. Cholesterol rocks can also be destroyed by injecting solvents into the body. This method is called methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE). However, this treatment has serious side effects, such as burning pain.

If the treatment is not successful, chances are that the doctor will recommend the patient to do the surgery. This method is called cholecystectomy, which is to lift cholesterol stones from the bile so that the rock is not formed again and bile can flow into the intestine again.

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