Can I Work Again After Having a Baby?

Can I Work Again After Having a Baby?

Can I Work Again After Having a Baby?


Can I Work Again After Having a Baby?

After the baby is born, the life of you and your husband changes immediately. From now on, the main priority is definitely the little one. If you previously worked, a dilemma arises in deciding whether to work again or stop to focus on taking care of your baby. For a mother, especially a new mother, the decision to work again after having a baby may be a difficult thing. Of course, a lot must be considered. Can you afford it?

Should you go back to work after having a baby?

This is a difficult decision, maybe the right answer is only in each of you. Yes, this all depends on you. It is true, optimal care is needed by the baby at the beginning of his life, even this can affect his health and intelligence in the future. But on the one hand, you may still have to work to meet the needs of your little one.

According to Jenny Stuart, a family psychoanalyst, as quoted from WebMD, the decision to work again after having a baby depends on several factors, such as availability and quality of external support, financial constraints, and emotional readiness to stay at home taking care of your baby or work again and leave your baby.

If the answer you believe is to take care of your baby at home and not return to work, this is not a wrong decision. You can actually monitor every growth and development of your baby. After all, if you force work but you don't focus on work, this can interfere with your work and not be good for your baby, right?

Meanwhile, if your answer is still wanting to work, it means you have to have extra energy to be able to keep monitoring and guaranteeing your baby's needs, and to stay focused on your work.

Some things that must be considered if working again after having a baby

Being a new mother and having to go back to work is not an easy job. You are required to still be able to take care of your baby and focus on your work. When you leave your baby to work, you must ensure that your baby still gets what he needs even if you are not there.

Some of the things you should pay attention to are:

Who cared for your baby?

This is very important, you should find someone to be able to take good care of your baby while you are working. Trusting others in caring for and caring for your baby is not an easy thing. It will be very helpful if your parents or your mother-in-law can help in caring for your baby. This may be a great relief and keep you calm while working. Or if not, you can hire a trustworthy babysitter.

Can you still breastfeed?

Of course you can, even you can still give exclusive breastfeeding to babies. However, you must diligently pump breast milk to supply your baby at home. You may need to pump your milk several times in the office. And when at home, provide some time to breastfeed your baby, before going to bed for example. The more often you pump breast milk and breastfeed your baby, the smoother the milk that comes out.

How can you take care of your homework?

Apart from office matters and baby care, home affairs must also be considered. You can work with your husband for various homework. Or, you can also hire a household assistant to help you.

How can you spend time with your baby?

Remember, however caregivers cannot replace the mother's role. So, together you and baby are very important. Spending quality time with your baby (even if only for a moment) is a very valuable time. There are many ways to get it, for example before your baby sleeps, before you work, or on weekends.

What if the baby is sick?

It's a good idea to have a good relationship with your boss and coworkers from the start. So, if a time is needed you have to take care of your sick baby at home, you can leave your job temporarily. However, convince your boss that you can set the time between work and personal matters, and can finish your work well.

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