Beware, This Is A Bad Effect Due To Frequently Asked "Is It Completed, Not Yet?"

Beware, This Is A Bad Effect Due To Frequently Asked "Is It Completed, Not Yet?"

Beware, This Is A Bad Effect Due To Frequently Asked "Is It Completed, Not Yet?"


For couples who are newly married or have been married for a while, the urge to have children quickly must have appeared at least once. Usually the pressure comes from family, friends, or relatives. Either through questions that seem like small talk like, "Already filled in, haven't?" To lecture for couples to have children as soon as possible.

Be careful if you have urged a husband and wife to have children quickly, both consciously and unconsciously. Because, there is a latent impact that is quite serious if the couples get excessive pressure to quickly have children. So before you rush your acquaintances or relatives to have children, consider the following possibilities.

1. Causes stress

You might not know that all this time your best friend has tried many times to get pregnant but hasn't succeeded too. By pressing it continuously about pregnancy, you might make your friend more stressful.

Even though stress is one of the factors that might hinder a person's pregnancy chances. If your best friend and partner feel depressed, they can lose their passion for sex. Pregnancy also becomes more difficult to cultivate.

Stress can also affect a woman's ovulation and hormone changes in men. This certainly can cause fertility problems. The more couples feel pressured and pressed, the smaller their chances of having children quickly.

2. Every couple has their own plan

Every couple must have different considerations about children's readiness. Some want to have children fast, but there are also couples who want to postpone pregnancy first. The reason can vary. For example, the wife is focused on pursuing a promotion at her company or the husband just wants to have children after completing the treatment he is undergoing. Various personal reasons may not be told to just anyone.

If you can't stand the pressure, the couple may be in a hurry and try to get pregnant right away. In fact, pregnancy and parenthood are not easy decisions. They must be fully prepared so that the pregnancy runs smoothly and healthily.

3. Triggers trauma

Without realizing it, insistent questions for couples to quickly have children can trigger certain psychological trauma. They may have just experienced a quite traumatic miscarriage. Questions like, "How come I haven't been pregnant too?" Could be salt for the wounds experienced by the couple. They may still try to recover from the calamity experienced so they are not ready to try to have more children.

4. Everyone's choice is different

You can't read other people's thoughts. So, urging other couples to have children quickly is not wise. Especially if you don't really know the couple deeply enough. Because, not all couples want to have children. There is no need to urge other couples to change their minds because the choices and way of life of each person is different. After all, pushing constantly cannot necessarily shake the principle they hold.

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