Before Increasing Muscle, Consider The Following Ideal Male Body Size

Before Increasing Muscle, Consider The Following Ideal Male Body Size

Before Increasing Muscle, Consider The Following Ideal Male Body Size


It's not just women who want to have an ideal body size. Men also crave the ideal body shape. But, unlike women who want to be slim, men are more likely to want to have a muscular body. Then what is the ideal body size that most men want?

What is the ideal body size for men?

Ideal body size can be seen from various body sizes. Here are the body parts and their ideal size.

Chest size

Many assume, the ideal body size of a man is seen from the chest, whether or not the field and width or not. The male chest consists of various types of muscles, one of which is the pectoralis muscle, which determines how big your chest is. The more often you train your pectoral muscles, the more your chest will form.

According to a professional bodybuilder, Steeve Reeves, the ideal chest size is twice the size of the thigh circumference, and each thigh should be 1.75 times larger than the knee on the side of the foot.

Shoulder size

The shape and size of the shoulder will also affect the body shape of a man. On the shoulder, there are many muscles that make up a man's body to make it look wide and wide. Wide shoulders indeed impressed the man to have an ideal and symmetrical body size. A survey conducted by researchers from the University of Groningen stated that women tend to choose men who have a shoulder size wider than the waist.

Waist size

What about the waist? If you want to look attractive in front of the opposite sex, then you have to tighten your belt and hold it so that it doesn't widen. Not a few men who have a wide and large waist circumference, this is largely due to the lifestyle they apply. But not only that, men are more likely to choose a large hip circumference and a distended abdomen. The ideal and healthy waist size for men is less than 94 cm.

Hip size

Usually, a large hip circumference is more owned by women, but it is possible if you have it - blame your fat deposits if this happens. However, ideally a male's pelvis is smaller than a woman's. Even in a study shows that men who are liked by many women are men whose hip circumference is the same as the hip circumference. That is, not much different.

High size

When it comes to height, the average man has a body that is higher than most women - although this is not always the case. Height is also often the main attraction for a woman in choosing her partner. Most women want their partner to have a body higher than him.

How can I get all the ideal body sizes?

The first thing to remember is to maintain your health. Ideal body size varies depending on the perception of each person. The most important thing for you to pay attention to is maintaining an ideal body weight. Because, by maintaining an ideal body weight, you are very with the ideal body size that you desire. Just stay depends on how hard and strong you are in exercising so that muscle mass is formed. Don't get stuck in the dream of having an abnormal body size and endanger your physical and mental health.

Fortunately, a man's body is designed to have more muscles than women. And it helps you to shape and tighten your muscles. Find out how to form body muscles here.

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