Be careful, you can contract the Ebola virus from male semen

Be careful, you can contract the Ebola virus from male semen

Be careful, you can contract the Ebola virus from male semen


At first, scientists thought that the Ebola virus only survived in men's semen for several months after he recovered. However, a new study published in Lancet Global Health has revealed the surprising fact that the deadly virus can actually survive in semen much longer than previously thought.

Male semen still contains the Ebola virus even though it has recovered 565 days

This study examined semen samples from 466 Ebola survivors who participated in the Liberia’s Men’s Health Screening Program. 38 of the samples tested positive for the Ebola virus at least one year after the man recovered from his illness. According to one report, most donors are men over the age of 40.

Surprisingly, there was one patient who had fully recovered for 565 days, but the semen still contained the virus. Prior to this discovery, the majority of evidence supported that this virus could be found in the semen of former sufferers for 3 months after recovery. But now, it is well known that this virus lasts even longer than a year.

Condom sex can be

The CDC believes that the Ebola incident in March 2015 was actually a result of sexual contact. This presumption is in line with the claims of many other health institutions.

A Liberian woman died of Ebola, even though her country has been proven clean of this disease. The only possibility he could be exposed to the Ebola virus was through unprotected sex he did with a man who had suffered Ebola, whose semen was tested positive for the virus after the incident.

The man seems to have recovered and lives healthy for 199 days. Although the CDC cannot be sure whether the virus in a positive sample can transmit this disease or not, they still strongly recommend that all men who have had Ebola to always use condoms during sex.

Awareness to use condoms with or without Ebola

In addition to scientific breakthroughs, other contributions from this new study are in the form of safe sex education. 75% of men who have recovered from Ebola who took this study did not use a previous condom but decided to have sex with safety after knowing the risk. Public awareness is very important in preventing Ebola from becoming an epidemic again.

For now, it is clear that there are many lives that can be saved simply by expanding people's awareness of the importance of safe sex.

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