Be careful, ridiculed "Fat" Can Extinguish People's Intention to Sports

Be careful, ridiculed "Fat" Can Extinguish People's Intention to Sports

Be careful, ridiculed "Fat" Can Extinguish People's Intention to Sports


A recent study in the UK reveals that the taunts made by fat people can destroy his motivation to exercise.

Mockery that is intentional or unspoken may sound trivial to your ear. However, for people who do have the intention to lose weight, the ridicule is very decisive for achieving an ideal body weight.

More clearly, see what are the negative effects of mocking the following fat people.

The psychological impact of ridiculing fat people

According to a study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), fat people feel that they are being treated unfairly (discriminated against) because their body shape is actually getting less exercise.

This study compared two groups of people whose bodies were fat. The first group are people who feel they are being treated unfairly because they are obese, for example by being ridiculed, belittled, or ostracized. The second group consisted of obese people who did not feel that they were discriminated against by others.

The result is that the first group tends to be less sporting. As explained by experts from University College London (UCL), this is because fat people are usually discriminated against when they are exercising in public. For example when jogging in the park or while exercising in the gym. As a result, their enthusiasm for exercising and maintaining fitness became shrinking.

Just look at the atmosphere in the gym. Currently the gym is actually a place for people whose bodies are ideal for physical fitness. In fact, the gym should be a comfortable place for people who have weight problems to exercise.

If there is a fat person coming into the gym, all eyes seem to be pointing at him. These gazes or even ridicule that must be faced is what ultimately makes them not confident and give up exercising. In fact, maybe they were already excited.

Effective ways to encourage other people to exercise

Mocking someone will not be able to encourage him to start regular exercise. Instead of belittling or mocking, there are still many other ways you can do so that your friends or family will actively exercise.

1. Sport together

Invite your friends or loved ones to exercise together. Just reminding won't increase your friend's motivation. Because, he already had his own trauma while exercising. By accompanying him, you can offer psychological support so that he becomes more confident for sports again.

2. Find out what type of exercise he likes the most

You have to know the type of exercise that your loved ones like the most. You can also start sports first and later tell at length to you about your fun sports.

For example he likes to play futsal but is always reluctant to be invited to play. You can start first. After that, tell me how fun and exciting your game was. Over time, he will also be tempted to join in playing futsal.

3. Praises progress and results

Even though the progress is only a little or not too visible, praise the spirit and effort. Remind people closest to you that this proves that the target is very likely to be achieved if he wants to keep trying. Focus on the results, not on ridicule or unfair treatment from people around.

4. Positive thinking

Understand that later there will be times when your loved ones feel hopeless or exhausted. This is natural, really. The important thing is you are always by his side to invite him to think positively.

5. Sports at home

If your loved ones don't believe in sports outside, you can invite them to exercise alone at home. For example by doing yoga, gymnastics, or riding a static bicycle.

Over time, if you are accustomed to moving actively, he will be more courageous and willing to try new things. Including sports at the gym or in public places.

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