Apparently this is the Healthiest Cooking Oil for Frying

Apparently this is the Healthiest Cooking Oil for Frying

Apparently this is the Healthiest Cooking Oil for Frying


Apparently this is the Healthiest Cooking Oil for Frying

The process of frying food usually has two kinds, namely by sautéing and frying while soaking in a lot of oil (deep fry). During the frying process, the oil will be absorbed into the food and there will be a partial dissolution of the food component into cooking oil. How to cook like this is actually bad for health. However, you can work around this by choosing healthy cooking oil.

Do you know which oil is the most healthy for frying?

Criteria for healthy cooking oil

There are various types of oils that can be used for cooking. The criterion of good cooking oil is that the amount of saturated fat is less than the unsaturated fat in the composition of the oil.

When cooking, oil must be below a certain temperature so as not to oxidize and produce free radicals. Many people think that olive oil or olive oil is healthier than other cooking oils. Really?

Olive oil, corn oil, soybean oil, and sunflower oil: which is healthier?

Researchers at Sfax University Tunisia conduct research and compare oils that are suitable for frying. They compared olive oil with corn oil, soybean oil and sunflower seeds.

This research was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. They noted physical, chemical, and nutritional changes in oil when heated and used to fry food.

When heated, oil can produce toxic substances and the nutritional content can be lost or changed. This study aims to find oils that experience the least nutritional changes when used for frying repeatedly.

The research team fry potatoes with 3 temperatures with 4 different types of oil, olive oil, corn oil, soybean oil and sunflower seed oil. Potatoes are fried in 3 temperatures, 160 C, 190 C and temperatures of 180 C.

This test is repeated 10 times with the same oil, in the same condition as a typical household. A different method is used to determine oil changes during the frying process.

The results show that if used for frying, the chemical composition of cooking oil in general will be stable compared to grain oil. While olive oil turns out to be the most resistant to oxidation. Trans fatty acids and the total percentage of nutritional substances are the least changed at 160 degrees C when frying.

The healthiest olive oil

In conclusion, olive oil is better than grain oil for frying, because the quality and nutrients are better or not much change. While the International Olive Oil Council states that olive oil is ideal for frying, but must be with the right conditions and temperatures and not too hot.

There is no structural change in olive oil, and the nutritional content is long lasting compared to other oils. Not only the antioxidant content, but also because of the high oleic acid content.

How to use cooking oil to stay healthy

  • Don't heat cooking oil with too high a temperature.
  • Use just enough so that the compounds formed from the heating are not excessive.
  • Before adding the ingredients to be fried, make sure the cooking oil is hot first so that the cooking process is not too long in the oil.
  • Use paper or tissue to cover food that has been fried so that excess oil can be absorbed by paper or tissue.
  • In order for the compounds formed due to heating not to become large and not stick to food, it is better not to use used oil repeatedly.
  • Store cooking oil in a cool place and not be exposed to light so that the content in the oil does not change.

Healthy cooking oil does not mean making you over-eat fried foods. Keep limiting to eating fried foods.

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