Allergy, If Forced To Continue, Can You Get Healed Over Time?

Allergy, If Forced To Continue, Can You Get Healed Over Time?

Allergy, If Forced To Continue, Can You Get Healed Over Time?



In allergic patients, the body will give an allergic reaction if exposed to a trigger or an allergen. These allergens or allergenic substances only affect people who have allergies. When the body first encounters an allergen, the body produces antibodies because the body regards it as something dangerous. However, there is an assumption that the more allergens given to allergy sufferers, the more it will make the body become immune, and allergies can heal. Is it true? Check out the following review.

What happens if allergy sufferers are forced to continue to be exposed to allergens?

Usually, if the body returns to meet the same allergen, the body will increase the number of antibodies to the type of allergen. This is what triggers the release of chemicals in the body and causes allergic symptoms. The severity of allergies also varies in each person, there are those who experience mild allergic reactions and some that are severe to fatal consequences called anaphylaxis.

The opinion that allergy sufferers must be given an allergic trigger continuously until it becomes immune, is not entirely true. If you impose this, then the thing that happens is that you who suffer from allergies will experience the torment of repeated allergic symptoms, in the form of several organs or behavioral disorders. If this happens, you must continue to take drugs, with the risk of side effects of drugs that are no less dangerous.

Theoretically, giving a very small amount of something considered an allergen or allergen may indeed reduce a person's sensitivity to the allergen. But not by giving in large quantities. And this has not been scientifically proven.

Can allergies heal?

Allergies aren't as simple as you might think. If you often hear that allergy symptoms are coughs, colds, tightness, and itching on the skin, it turns out the effects of allergies are not just that. Allergies can also attack all organs and systems of the body, starting from the lungs, skin, urinary tract, heart, even the central nervous system (brain).

Allergies that are often repetitive and uncontrolled can also interfere with the central nervous system (CNS or brain). Certainly, the mechanism for the occurrence of the disorder cannot be explained. However, it is suspected, CNS disorders are caused by the influence of several stimulant substances released by the digestion of allergic patients, who are usually also disturbed. In addition, hormonal changes in allergic patients are thought to also play a role in the disorder.

If a child is allergic to food but is forced, allergies can actually get worse

Theoretically, allergies cannot be eliminated, but the frequency of recurrence of allergies can be minimized as well as reduced severity. In the case of allergies experienced by children, with increasing age of children, at the age of 6-7 years, triggering food allergies will usually decrease or disappear.

However, what often happens, parents continue to provide food trigger allergies in children, with the aim that children are immune and no longer allergic. This is not true and will not reduce allergy symptoms, but instead aggravate allergies. Forcing food allergens to feed will affect future allergic diseases such as asthma or rhinitis with various complications.

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