All You Need to Know About Stone Acne

All You Need to Know About Stone Acne

All You Need to Know About Stone Acne


All You Need to Know About Stone Acne

Have you ever been bothered when you woke up in the morning, then found big, hard pimples on your face? These large acne can also be known as pimples. It's annoying indeed, when stone pimples appear, because the healing process of pimples takes longer than regular pimples. In addition to being a problem for the skin, stone pimples also interfere with appearance. Not infrequently we cover it with concealer so that the redness of the zits is not too obvious. In fact, because of its large size and reddish face, some feel they don't want to go out when these pimples appear.

Stone pimples should not make you insecure. Stone acne itself is caused by several things, one of which is hormones. We cannot avoid hormonal changes, but you can minimize the appearance of pimples.

What is stone pimples?

Pimples, aka cystic acne, are pimples that form deep in the skin caused by blockage of dead skin cells, can also be caused by trapping bacteria in the pores. As a result, a red and festering lump appeared. Most of these pimples cause pain when touched, but there are also people who claim to not feel pain when pressing their zits.

Inflammation can also occur. This is due to the split of the pore under the skin, making inflammation spread to the skin tissue. If this continues, it can cause more widespread inflammation and new zits appear.

What causes cystic acne to occur?

As quoted by Huffington, Post Dr. Wechsler, certified dermatologist, pimples appear mostly due to unbalanced hormones. Often found by women when approaching the menstrual cycle, it usually appears in the area of ​​the chin, around the jaw line, and the lower part of the face. In addition, stone acne can be experienced by pregnant women, women during menopause, and those who experience polycystic ovary syndrome.

Pimple stones also appear in men when they reach adolescence, this is due to an increase in androgen hormones. Androgen hormones also help control male physical growth. The increase that occurs triggers changes to the skin, which results in clogging of the pores.

Other causes that can cause cystic acne appear:

  • Genetically, stone pimples can be lowered from parents who have a history of acne prone skin.
  • Sweating and high levels of moisture, this makes the bacteria happy.
  • Blockage of pores, can also be due to skin irritation, or wrong choice of cosmetic products used.
  • Some drugs and chemicals, such as corticosteroids, lithium, phenytoin, isoniazid.

What are the characteristics of the appearance of pimples?

Usually the blockage of the pores triggered by oil glands that produce excess oil on the skin, eventually causes inflammation and irritation to the skin. Stone acne is not only found in the face area, it can also appear in several parts of the body, such as on the back, chest, upper arms and shoulders. Here are the features that you can recognize:

  • The shape is large, reddish in color and usually causes pain.
  • Nodules are raised upwards, no white comedones appear.
  • Pus, usually inside the skin, before finally exiting.
  • This acne produces cysts and nodules, so that it is clearly visible on the surface of the skin.
  • Some cause pain even when not touched.

How do you treat it?

If you feel that your acne has severe inflammation, it's time for you to find the dermatologist or dermatologist that is right for you. Because, doctors can diagnose what causes you to experience severe acne, and doctors can treat it from the roots. If the problem is with excessive oil production, the treatment will also be focused on reducing oil production. Here's what you can get:

  • Antibiotics to drink. Usually the doctor will prescribe antibiotics, and each person will get a different dose. The types of antibiotics used in each clinic will vary. This antibiotic is needed to help kill bacteria. You should regularly drink it, you should not stop without your doctor's permission, because the dose will gradually be reduced by your doctor. An example of one antibiotic that might be recommended for acne prone skin is clindamycin.
  • Creams, lotions, or gels that contain retinoids and vitamin A levels.
  • Isotretinoin. Better known as accutane, which can fight acne. In this treatment, you should take the medicine once or twice a day for up to five months. This treatment is done when benzoyl peroxide or clindamycin does not work. Pregnant women are strictly prohibited from taking this medicine.

Any other suggestions?

Change your lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle, like:

1. Try to avoid or reduce the following foods:

  • Which is made from milk. Some evidence shows that when they reduce dairy foods, such as cheese and ice cream, the condition of their zits is progressing. Try to abstain from eating the food, wait for up to two weeks, and see if the frequency of appearance of your pimples decreases. If yes, then you should try to avoid milk.
  • Try eating foods that contain natural sugars, such as fruit. Because, sweet foods that come from additional sugar can aggravate your acne skin. Eating too much sweets will be a food for mushrooms and candida, so you can multiply your zits.
  • Caffeine and chocolate. Chocolate also contains caffeine. The problem is that consuming caffeine excessively can produce cortisol or stress hormones. Stress makes other hormones disrupted.
  • Low-fiber foods. Too much eating low in fiber will cause you to experience problems in the intestine, where food is digested and absorbed before finally being thrown away, so that it can have an impact on skin health.

2. Try not to be stressed. Stress will make your body's hormones mess.

3. Adequate and regular sleep . Sleeping at night should be more than 5 hours, because lack of sleep will also make your hormones mess. In addition, insomnia also results in the body being unable to properly detoxify.

4. Sports . By exercising, the body's poisons are released and fats are burned. Exercise can also reduce your stress hormones.

5. Green coconut water . Try to drink it for two consecutive weeks. See the results. Green coconut water can remove poisons in the body.


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