After Night Sports, Should You Eat Again Or Not?

After Night Sports, Should You Eat Again Or Not?

After Night Sports, Should You Eat Again Or Not?


Busy activities or maybe you feel more energetic at night, make some people choose to do sports at night. Instead of not doing sports at all, exercise at night can be a safe choice. But the question now, is it okay to eat after night sports? Isn't that time to sleep? What should it be like? Check out the following review.

Don't starve after night sports

Reported on the Health page, a Chyntia SASS nutritionist, MPH, RD reminds you that you should not let your stomach starve after night sports. You need to eat something to fill in various nutrients that are lost because they are already used during exercise.

Allowing your body not to replenish makes you weaker, vulnerable to injury, and prone to sleep problems.

What happens to the body after exercising?

After exercising the body will use up the supply of glycogen, which is the fuel used to move. In addition, there is also damage to muscle fibers after doing sports movements.

When this condition occurs, the body tries to return to build glycogen deposits and repair and regrow protein in muscle fibers. Eating food after a workout will help your body complete all the recovery work to be completed optimally. So that the body can be quickly powered back, instead of being even more lethargic after exercising.

What should be eaten after night sports?

If you have not had dinner and are still hungry

Choose a high carbohydrate dinner menu as the main energy provider your body needs after exercise. Don't forget protein as a substance that helps repair damaged muscle tissue after exercising. For example,

  • Wheat bread with egg contents of beef eyes, lettuce, and tomatoes.
  • A bowl of pasta with slices of chicken breast with sauce, and steamed vegetables like delicious beans and carrots mixed with your pasta topping sauce.
  • A plate of red rice with a piece of fish, along with lettuce, cucumber and long beans.

If you have dinner and can't eat again

If you don't eat dinner in the next two hours, or you have dinner before exercising, after exercising you still need to snack.

After returning from the gym, immediately take food that is easy and practical for you. Of course foods that contain carbohydrates and protein. Or, if you exercise outdoors, prepare food or drinks that are practical to eat later after exercising. These foods can be used as one of your snacks after you finish exercising:

  • Bread with peanut butter spread
  • Nuts (for example, cashews, almonds, walnuts) and drink chocolate milk or soy milk
  • Smoothies or protein shakes
  • Yogurt with fruit

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